According to Politico, The House voted Thursday to dethrone nine White House “czars.” It’s about time somebody in Congress steps up to the dictator we have in office, even if he is a likable man, and tell him where his powers end. Why Congress has not done something before now, even if they were mostly Democrats, is beyond me. It is pleasing to see some things are starting to make sense in Washington again.

This is an incredible account full of links and helpful eye opening information. EXCERPTS are limited to the opening paragraphs. I highly recommend that you click the link below the article to continue reading.

Five years ago, I admit that this article would have offended me. Furthermore, I would have found it’s claim, at the outset, to be completely outlandish.

Abraham Lincoln’s Assassination is a part of history that many of know little about. Brad Melzer Decodes this mystery for us.

This History Channel Series tells us more about Lincoln’s assassination than you learned in school. Did you know that Booth lived for 40 years. You will find this series very interesting.

Important videos that explain why Mormons should not support the United Nations. Of course, if you know anything about the United Nations and what they are trying to do to America, it doesn’t take much to understand why we are being advised to oppose the United Nations.

Can you believe this video? It took place in 2009 when people protested the Healthcare Bill. Look at how far the left (i.e., Democrats since Obama’s administration) will go to lie in order to spread hate and vile racism?

Thirteen video series of New World Order’s 2012 agenda. I heard about this a year ago and did not believe it because the thought was too absurd to believe…and that’s a problem many of you face. Yes, it is an outrageous thought, but so was Hitler’s idea of a perfect race and you know how that turned out.

Israeli military sources said Palestinian gunners aligned with Iran fired at least two Chinese-modified BM-21 Grad rockets into Israel on Feb. 23. They said the rockets, believed supplied by Iran, slammed into the southern city of Beersheba, about 45 kilometers from the Gaza Strip.

Let me share part of the email I received today from Freedom Works. I hope you can help them fight this
problem we have with SEIU waging attacks on good and honest people, especially FreedomWorks.Please Help Them Fight Back Now! Below is a picture of the union descending on  FreedomWorks. I hope you’ve been following my recent posts on the Unions and how I believe they abuse their power.

It’s about time that somebody does something about this problem. If someone in the Republican Party had done this, we would never hear the end of it. It’s irritating that this country lives by two standards: one for Democrats and one for Republicans and I’m sick of it.

I used to work for a company that had a strong union. It is stuff like this that makes me not like being part of a union. There is so much pressure put on the workers to support the union that you have not really a choice to go by your convictions.

So how do you feel about this video? How do you feel about Sharia law coming to your state soon? Are you prepared to do something now to protect our Country from Sharia Law? All is not well in these United States and it won’t be until our government wakes up and recognizes the consequences…either that or they just don’t care! It appears that Minnesota is becoming the first State to go for Sharia law.

Just as you thought you were safe from Malware Threats, smart phones are now targets for the hackers. You have to be prepared to use anti-virus programs now to protect your phones. You won’t know until you’ve already been attacked.

The following are videos that touched my soul and helped me feel peace. The videos depict the aspects we need in our lives that will give us the joy and peace we seek.

May the spirit be with you that lights up your soul and give you the understanding and strength you need to live in these perilous times.

This technology has been around for ten years but is just now starting to catch on, even though it can be slower than vehicles we drive today. It is an amazing future and one that truly makes us ask “Can We Believe It? Cars that talk to each other? WOW, is that what the has in store for us?

This is the most unusual creation I’ve ever seen. Hope you enjoy the video. Pass it on.

Can you seriously believe this garbage from the left? You need to let these people know how despicable they are on this. The left have done this for years and then blame Conservatives of being hateful and racist when it’s obviously coming from them. They live by different rules and standards and the Conservatives say nothing so they don’t give them fuel to stoke the fire.

K.T. explains the reason for the volatile situations in the Middle East and suggests what we can expect from that region in the future. Bahrain crackdown kills 5 AP MANAMA, Bahrain — Bahrain’s leaders banned public gatherings and sent tanks into the streets Thursday, intensifying a crackdown that killed five…Video: At least 60 reported missing in Bahrain

The 12th Imam has been mentioned several times in past posting and again in my latest post. Today, on the Glenn Beck show, Glenn and author Joel Richardson discussed this subject in great detail. The 12th Imam stems from the Muslim belief that the 12th Imam will return again. Faithful followers of Islam, such as Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and the Muslim Brotherhood, believe in the Imam return is close at hand.

BREAKING NEWS: 2 Iranian Warships Headed To Suez Canal; Israel May Act

Israel is monitoring two Iranian warships about to pass through the Suez Canal for Syria and warn they might act. The Israeli Navy will be tracking the two warships as they cross the Suez Canal for the Mediterranean Sea, according to defense officials.

Being prepared provides peace of mind. We live in chaotic times, it just makes perfect sense to have store food and water as well as emergency supplies. Your family depends on you to take care of them and being prepared for the dangerous times ahead is one way you can fulfill your obligation to them.