This report by Jarad Law ticks me off. It’s hard to believe we have a major movement working against us to bring down America and our way of life and replace it with Marxism. If I had heard about this a year ago, I would have said it’s a crazy thought! No way could this treason be true by our own unions…and be so blatantly obvious about it.

RADēCO, is a veteran owned business located in eastern Connecticut. We specialize in the manufacturing of air sampling instrumentation as well as supplying dosimeters and safety products to the military, first responder organizations, the Department of Energy.

As we look around the world and see the suffering of other people, how can we complain about our misfortunes? Even the poorest among us cannot possibly be worse off than those in Libya and Japan.

I was just listening to the news and heard stories about how the Libyan people suffer at the hands of Gaddafi. Hearing these stories made my heart ache for them. The man is a brutal killer and a liar. Therefore, nothing he says can be trusted.

It appears that the United States will be going to Libya as a joint force to protect the Libyan people. In spite of Gaddafi calling a cease fire, his rhetoric shows he has no intention of honoring it. His forces are moving significantly toward the the area where they will find rebels and surely engage them.

Breaking news! Just announced is a cease fire in Libya.

Libya’s foreign minister announced moments ago that now the country will cease all military opperations. This follows weeks of fighting anti-government rebels. This all happened after the UN approved a “No Fly Zone” last night. They warned that, if Gaddafi did not stop, he would be held on charges for human rights violations.

One of the concerns people have, who live around nuclear facilities in this country, is the fear of a melt-down. Even though experts assure us that our sites have been upgraded and are different than the Japanese reactors, people still harbor fears of facing a radiation leakage into the population.

Fox News just announced breaking news that the UN has approved a “No Fly Zone” for Libya and told to use all power necessary to protect the people from Gaddafi’s murderous bombing as scheduled for those who will not give up. He promises to exercise NO MERCY to those who have not surrendered.

Although the site states that their supplies in Geiger Counters are sold out, you may want to keep this information close at hand to contact them later.

Also, you might want to check this website out as well:

These two sites give quality information about radiation and will likely answer any questions you have right now.

According to the email below, Democrats and some Republicans are threatening to recall the Republican Gov. Walker, which Fox News Contributor Judge Napolitano said they can do. Also, threats to recall Republicans and some Democrats too but Judge Napolitano said they cannot recall Senators or Congressional Representatives because it’s against the Constitution.

The Japanese culture is all about honor, respect, and pride in their nation. As a society, they do what is right and best for the whole and needs of the individual come last. In contrast, we in America have the opposite attitude; the individual need comes before that of society as a whole.

Libyan Rebels are on their last leg of the battle for freedom. They are begging the United States to come and help them but it appears the U.S. is waiting to see what the United Nations is going to do. England, France, and Germany have not made the decision to do a “NO FLY ZONE” because it means declaring war on Libya. The UN is not ready to do that when it appears Gaddafi will win.

As of 3/14/2011 at 8AM Central Time, newest reports show that nuclear site #1 and #3 have blown and a few hours ago, site #2 blew with a lot of radiation coming from it, and now #4 is on fire. To make matters worse, they are no longer able to pump water into #4 reactor.

Show up for a vote, make the vote, put it on record, and then let it be known that you were against the policy and why. Running away from that responsibility only shows how immature you are and make you look like a spoiled child throwing a temper tantrum when you don’t get your way.

We are the economic engine of the world precisely because we do not take 13 weeks off per year. I heard Thom Hartman on the radio talking about Europe and its progressive ways and that most in Europe get 7-13 weeks of paid vacation a year. Well yippy for them, right. If I want that I know where to go. America does do 13 weeks of non-productive time and that is one reason we are the powerhouse economically that we are… and why France isn’t.

We are hearing on the news the past few days that Japan’s nuclear energy facility is having a melt-down from the quake and flooding, and that the government is giving people in the area Potassium Iodide to protect their thyroid from cancer in the future.

As everyone knows obamacare was soundly rejected by the overwhelming majority of the population. The democrats with obama at the helm refused to include republicans in the debates over the healthcare legislation they were looking at. In fact obama who stated that he would have the most transparent and open administration in history, had closed door meetings with the drug and insurance companies. The outcome of these secret meetings is our prescription drug prices will remain at their high prices, and even increase, and our insurance rates and fees will sky rocket.

What is Microloans? Microcredit is the extension of very small loans (microloans) to those in poverty designed to spur entrepreneurship. These individuals lack collateral, steady employment and a verifiable credit history, and therefore, cannot meet even the most minimal qualifications to gain access to traditional credit. Microcredit is a part of microfinance, which is the provision of a wider range of financial services to the very poor. Microcredit is a financial innovation that is generally considered to have originated with the Grameen Bank in Bangladesh. In that country, it has successfully enabled extremely impoverished people to engage in self-employment projects that allow them to generate an income and, in many cases, begin to build wealth and exit poverty. Due to the success of microcredit, many in the traditional banking industry have begun to realize that these microcredit borrowers should more correctly be categorized as pre-bankable; thus, microcredit is increasingly gaining credibility in the mainstream finance industry, and many traditional large finance organizations are contemplating microcredit projects […] just posted email with some interesting stories. If you already get emails, you may already have this but if not, I hope you will read them–especially Dick Morris’s on Prepare for the Obama Financial Meltdown.

When Walker says he wants to limit collective bargaining to wages and benefits, what he is really saying is that he needs to be free to roll back teacher tenure, reward good teachers with merit pay, give parents choice about where to send their children, and assure that — even if there are layoffs — that they are based on merit not seniority. The union contracts all over America block these key changes. But we have to put our children first and improve the quality of our schools.

The truth is that we live in troubled times. Sometimes our economy does well and other times we see the limitations we live within. We can be like the Prodigal Son in the scriptures and spend like there is no tomorrow or we can prepare for the lean times that will surely come. We just may end up sleeping and eating with the pigs in order to survive.