A young man arrested when his car was searched on school grounds and a pocket knife was found. The school’s no-tolerance policy does not allow students to have weapons in the vehicles when on school property.

How can America be brought down? You cut the size of her military at home and then use civilian forces and foreign troops to defend America, that’s how. Listen to the garbage coming out of this General’s mouth!

This report comes from http://www.wnd.com/, which is basically a reputable news media. What do you think about this report? What do you think about the President using Executive Orders so frequently?

…This collapse, as noted by the US Treasury Department and Grady Means, is going to have generational effects — a depressive economic environment for our entire lifetimes.

A view of the overreaching impact on what it means to live in America where a government punishes it own people for free speech and lets it’s own agents write their own search warrants, that fights wars just to keep the Industrial Complex busy, and more.

These videos show how the “End of America as we know it” is coming — if we do not stop it. Are you prepared to hear this information and accept the challenge to protect our way of life or will you continue to live in your safe little cocoon thinking all is well in America?

I am not normally an alarmist but this information is hard to ignore when we are living in an atmosphere of government mistrust …especially since President Obama’s Executive Order on Martial Law. See the post and video on this topic.

Today, The Heritage Foundation receives constant criticism for their strong stance on controversial issues and their ultra conservatism makes them out of sync with the American People.

In addition, the foundation is blamed for Congress’s ineffective performance and TEA Party members are blamed for the Republican Party holding the American People hostage.Whether you are a Democrat, Republican, or a TEA Party supporter, everyone should see the Congressional budget deal that includes “USER FEES” as a TAX INCREASE.

How long before you think this situation will become the norm in America? Will you be the one who thinks and acts like a racist or will you be one of many who speak up against the hate of racism?

Please watch this video all the way to the end. It is great to see so many people that stood up for what was right but sad that there we many others who decided to keep quiet and not become involved.

Reid Is So Corrupt! By the time we get the Majority Leader Harry Reid, and Obama out of power, there will be no Democracy left or The United States of America.

It’s no joke! This really did happen a few days ago, right here in America! Sheriff Aytes told the man that school policy states children will only be released to parents who wait in that long line of cars.  The father, Jim Howe, chose to walk to the school instead of wasting time sitting in a long line of cars, but the school refused to release HIS own children to him.

We cannot give up or accept defeat! Defending the “American Way of Life” (what we had in past decades) is not a waste of our time and energy!! Our day is coming and those who have been on the wrong side of the AMERICAN WAY will lose! Liberties and Freedoms that make America great will win out because that’s what Americans know and will fight to defend. We must stand for what is right and be examples of what we want America to be. We cannot lose our faith and the hope that makes America special, that is what the “enemy to peace” wants us to do.

This email is circulating the web. You can do your own research by using the links below: 1% tax on all bank transactions ~ HR 4646 – ANOTHER NEW OBAMA TAX SLIPPED IN WHILE WE WERE ASLEEP. Checked this on snopes, it’s true! Check it out yourself ~ HR 4646.

Congress is exempted themselves and their employees from ObamaCare! If they can’t live with what they created and forced down our throats behind closed door and deal making, they shouldn’t force Americans to live with it either. ..However, since Congress passed their own exemption from ObamaCare, what incentive do they have to DEFUND ObamaCare?

Obamacare is “unworkable” — the “wreck is coming, and it is the American people who are going to pay the price,” Republican Govs. Bobby Jindal of Louisiana and Scott Walker of Wisconsin said on Thursday.

In reality, “the Obama administration doesn’t have a healthcare plan,” the governors said in an opinion piece in The Wall Street Journal. “Yes, the White House has a law with thousands of pages, but the closer we get to Oct. 1, the day government-mandated health-insurance exchanges are supposed to open, the more we see that the administration doesn’t have a legitimate plan to successfully implement the law.

The theme of this movie series (from the book by the same name) is about living in an America with government implementing “Fair Share” laws and the reality of what that might look like. When government continues to gain more control over our lives, the producers become more restricted and non-producers put forth less effort to produce. Eventually, those who produce give up and disappear, leaving the country to those who do not produce. The following clip explains this concept well.

America’s “Independence from England” gave us the right to stand on our own feet, the freedom to be what we want to be, and the right to have government representation by the people. These videos show how I feel when I think of the revolution and the fight to have the freedoms we enjoy today. I hope you feel it too when you watch the following videos.

Unfortunately, we suspect our government is spying on us, especially since this site has had several incidents of hacking. Perhaps you feel uneasy about leaving a comment because you hear people around you saying those who think like us are just paranoid and believe whatever we read . . . I’ve heard that said a time or two from people who should trust my research!

In his June 25 speech on climate change, President Obama unveiled a plan to cut coal production and limit carbon dioxide emissions — a proposal that Republican Rep. Ted Poe called a “war on coal.”

It’s a war that won’t succeed in lowering worldwide emissions of greenhouse gases, says Robert Bryce, a senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute.

Below is a copy of a new email I received from Senator Rand Paul. If you believe workers have the right to choose whether they want to belong to a union, to decide where their dues go, and to keep politics out of it, please watch these videos and sign the petition so Rand Paul can get this in front of a roll call vote.