Easter is the season to remember our Savior died for us that we might live again and to take upon himself all of our sins and imperfections. Easter is also the season that represents new birth and spring. . . with eggs, chicks, bunnies, and chocolate.

Let me introduce you to World Net Daily. I became aware of this news feed about a year ago, and now it has grown to be a huge news and forum Internet connection. I highly recommend this site and assure you that their information is reliable. Below is a video clip about them. I hope you will check them out and add them to your list of reputable news.

None of the information found in either video is a joke and needs to be taken very seriously. This is not the time to be soft on fighting for our country, just as our countrymen did almost three hundred years ago. You may not like what you see or the remedy to fix it but it is what it is.

We must remember that we are benefactors of the great sacrifices made by those who gave us the way of life that we now enjoy. Because of them, we inherited an obligation to protect the Constitution and the Sovereignty of not only our nation but also the Republic for which we stand.

I don’t want these things to happen, but they are happening in spite of how I think or feel. I suppose you know exactly what I mean because you’ve been feeling this way too. Please don’t ask me what we can do about it though, because I have no answers yet.

Below is a copy of a report I read on my social site. After you read it, please tell me your thoughts on this and what you think we can do about it. I am interested in your comments.

The people of America are finally having their voices heard through Sarah Palin but the press doesn’t like it. Surprise surprise! I love this interview that Laura Ingram had with Matt Lauer about Sarah Palin inciting violence. Laura Ingram held her own just fine. I loved it! This video shows a clip from that interview.

I have a hard time believing this could actually be true,but they have people who witness the sky so I am not sure what to believe.

I realize that I am often naive in many ways, but I still trust and see the good in people until I have proof to no longer trust. Note that this video was made this year, so what does this administration know and what have they done? How much of this did other Presidents know?

There are 600 FEMA Prison Camps in America right now! Did you know that? Ask yourself why we need 600 FEMA Prison Camps in America that are fully functional in a moment’s notice?

What is Government expecting? Why are they afraid citizens might rise up against them? Hum, makes you think doesn’t it? If it doesn’t give you a moment of pause then why not? What is the matter with you when it is looking at you straight in the face and still you don’t see it for what it is?

Think I’m radical and crazy for posting this video? Well think again. This is our future if we continue to allow Congress and our President to continue overriding the will of the people and the sovereignty of states. He want to write a new Constitution, and to change the Face of America. What do you want?

The question I asked on my forum at StandUpPatriots.com was “What Will You Do When The Dollar Crashes” and these are the responses I received. You might find them interesting and may want to contribute to this discussion.

Why would Obama Plan to crash America? Listed to this video. It will help you connect the dots and see the master plan. Listen to what he says about the banks. It is very enlightening. Of course people won’t believe a word of this and have lots to say about it being propaganda. That’s okay, this message is not for them. I want you to know what is on the horizon and hopefully, you will be able to make plans to help you through it. I am sure we will all suffer tremendously from this, but some will suffer more than others.

A friend sent me a message that makes sense. I believe his message applies more today than it did a day ago, a month ago, and a year ago. I hope this message hits home with you too. I have changed part of the message to include my thoughts, but as a whole, it is pretty much in tact. Man’s way of fixing all their problems is like cutting off two inches from the top of a blanket and sewing it at the bottom to make it longer. When people put their faith in anything other than what the [Lord] has done, they voluntarily choose to be out from under His protective covering. When this is their decision, they are exposed to God’s eyes, and he sees their sins, faults, and failures. This point applies right now to Congress and their sins today. Do you agree? Our sins were all […]

The TEA Party movement is about Government recognizing “The Will of The People”. Most of us understand this part of the movement but how much do we know about the reason for its creation? Do you know that TEA stands for TAXED ENOUGH ALREADY?

The TEA Party movement may have begun as a movement against taxation, but now it has evolved to include much more than a fight against high taxation. Let us consider the impact this movement has on American politics.

Everyone, who says they support the Health Care Bill President Obama is trying to get passed, thinks the argument is that people are fighting the cost of it and that they are afraid of change. That’s not the question, if any one cares to listen.

There are distinct reasons for people not wanting this bill to pass, and it doesn’t have anything to do with Americans not needing affordable health care. It’s not even about insuring more Americans and covering pre-existing conditions. What it is about and what has so many people in an uproar, is the government takeover in areas that they have no business doing.
Their are distinct reasons for not wanting this bill and it doesn’t have anything to do with not wanting people to have affordable health care. It’s not even about insuring more Americans and covering pre-existing conditions, it’s about government takeover in areas they have no business in.

This says it all about the Health Care Plan in front of Congress right now.

Will the people turn to violence because of the level of discontent? Many of those in position to know believe violence is their only option because they are disconnected from their own government. There is a problem here because the government is aware of this prospect and are prepared to handle it. They have 75 counties in Texas alone that are ready to handle┬ádecent. ┬áPresidents have practiced for years for this possibility. In fact, President Obama has already practiced this possibility in his first few months in office. You don’t have to believe me, I wouldn’t expect you to, but you should believe what you see with your own eyes. Let me suggest a few videos for you to watch that show you that what I am saying is absolutely true. Okay, that should give you a lot to think about. You tell me what we need to do. I […]

I wonder, are the American People finally awake and paying attention? I am not sure. There is still 35% of Americans who think President Obama is doing a good job and about 38% who still favor the Health Care Bill. Obviously these people are not concerned about our Constitution being hi-jacked by liberals or that our rights are being violated.

And now, can you believe it, there are some states right now that are telling their TAX payers (who paid too much tax) that they will have to wait for their returns. Some will have to wait as late as July to get a refund on THEIR OWN MONEY! It’s not the government’s money, it’s the tax payer’s money. The state has no right to keep it.

CAN YOU SAY “Our Government Is Hanging By A Thread”? Uh, I think so! I think somebody better do something really fast or it will take an OUT RIGHT REVOLUTION to get back our rights. That prospect is a scary thought to me! Is it scary to you?

News just keeps coming in almost hourly from Washington.

I have the Fox News Channel on as I work on the computer but I cannot keep up with everything happening to report on for you.

One of the newest reports is 38 States have now drafted law suits to fight back when the Health Care bill passes. They are fighting back for Abuse Of Federal Power. They say they cannot afford to abide by mandates coming from Washington with the passing of the Health Care bill.

This is a bulletin board posting on one of my social sites. I am not sure if he really understands what the debate is about the ObamaCare Health Plan, but below is my response to him. I wonder how you feel about it, since it is likely to become law shortly.

WOULDN’T IT BE GREAT TO TURN ON THE TV AND HEAR ANY U.S. PRESIDENT, DEMOCRAT OR REPUBLICAN, GIVE THE FOLLOWING SPEECH? ‘My Fellow Americans: As you all know, the defeat of the Iraq regime has been completed.

Interesting Information that we most likely already figured out but now we have the numbers to prove it.
Judicial Watch Announces List of Washington’s “Ten Most Wanted Corrupt Politicians” for 2009