When running for president, Barack Obama made it clear his goal once in office was to “fundamentally transform America.” Whether it be through the Congress or the courts, Obama has aggressively pursued his leftist ambitions to remake our great country into a socialist utopia through any means necessary.

H.R. 2499 hits the floor tomorrow – and the press hasn’t made a peep. Perhaps everyone is cool with adding another star to the flag? This bill supposedly gives Puerto Rico freedom or something — which is weird because they already have that. What does the bill actually do? Opens the door for America to go from 50 to 51 states – Glenn explains how on radio today.

Why haven’t we heard about this? Just ten or even fifteen years ago, it would have been all over the news. It just goes to prove that we no longer have free press but a press that is controlled from Washington. They call that propaganda.

This video was made before the 2008 elections. After Obama was elected, I took the video off from YouTube in respect for the office of President. I republish this video now to show that the concerns I had before elections are coming to pass. Unfortunately, my concerns are now even greater than they were back then.

Is the contents of this video common sense or is it racist? How do you feel about Islam and the way politicians and the media portray it? Should we be concerned about the growing number of people converting to Islam? Is Islam the same thing as Muslim? Are we doing enough to protect America? All of these questions are answered by Allen West in this video. I hope you will leave me a comment on how you feel about this video.

This explosive video shows a side of the Bush administration that I did not know. It also shows the deception of Obama’s administration. It is a nonpartisan look at the state of this nation’s leadership. It is an interesting point of view that makes you think and admit some things you may not want to admit.

I’m not racist, not violent, just not silent any more! Are you? Is it unAmerican to disagree with the administration on policy decisions? Is it racism to disagree with policy coming from the White House because the president happens to be black and it helps blacks? Is it sedition to protest against high taxes? Hillary’s short video says it all.

Hillary says it’s not unpatriotic to disagree with the administration. I guess she should have told that to her husband before he made the statement that protesting this administration’s spending spree and passing bills without representation. It isn’t racism, hate, or condoning violence to say we won’t take it any more. Even Hillary agrees with this.

At the risk of some of you not reading this article because you think it is about politics instead of business, I urge you to still read on because it really does relate to how you do business. Consider how you would fulfill your dreams and the measure of your creation if government tied your hands and restrict your ability to live the way you prefer and pass laws that control your thinking.

Racism divides us and breeds contention in our hearts. It doesn’t have to be that way. Our nation’s history shows that Americans have mistreated many races and people: including black Africans, Indians, Portuguese, Mexicans, Chinese, Japanese, Russians, Jews, Mormons, Protestants, Catholics, Muslims, and gays. Many of these people were put to death or sold into slavery.

Right now Congress is creating divisiveness in this nation. This divisiveness is the result of people feeling disconnected from government and their lack of representation by elected officials.

The consensus now is that we need to rid ourselves (through voting) of boneheads in Congress that think America should be a socialist nation. How we do that is a question that needs to be discussed in this article. Why, because some people have advocated violence and sedition to reclaim America.

Your U.S. House & Senate have voted themselves $4,700, and $5,300 raises! They voted to: not give you a S.S. cost of living raise in 2010 and 2011! Your Medicaid premiums will go up $285.60 for the two years and you will not get the 3% COLA: $660/yr…..

Please watch this heartwarming video from Sarah Palin’s Real American Stories. Pass it on, because it demonstrates the little things we can do to change people’s lives.

Something magnificent that we never planned can start out with just a small seed. Such is the case with the story in this video. I hope you will think about the message and take an idea you’ve been thinking about and start applying yourself. Who knows what will come of it.

The Obama administration has shifted their focus to life or death issues associated with nuclear weapons. Defense Secretary Gates and Secretary Of State Clinton speak with Bob Schieffer on Face The Nation about President Obama’s change in nuclear strategy. Watch the Face The Nation video here and take a poll about how you feel about this change.

I write this post as a follow up to a previous post titled: “White People Ain’t Gonna Take It No More!”

You see, we still have a problem with racism in this nation. One of the reasons we do is because government uses racism to divide us from one another. Why?

What benefit would the government have for getting blacks and white to fight against each other? That’s a good question. I don’t want to venture into the prospects of why, but I know it’s true because it is blatantly thrown in our faces at a steady pace these days.

This Senator’s statement just shows how narrow minded they’ve become in Congress and how they’ve been fed a bunch of garbage in order to swallow this misguided attempt to pass a bill that clearly 78% of Americans were against. No one ever asked the Senator why so many people are against this bill. Too bad, he would probably have something stupid to say to that question as well.

Have you noticed that, before the elections we had over a year ago, Obama and Democrats refuse to use the words “War on Terrorism”? They focus on taking the war to Afghanistan instead of Iraq and getting Ben Laden when Bush couldn’t; whom, of course, they also don’t have yet?

I know I’m tired of hearing the race card used every time you disagree with Obama. Since when is it racism to disagree with the President? Was it racism when black people disagreed with Bush? No! Funny how that word gets used when it benefits someone or people want to stir up trouble.

It was supposed to be a monumental day when a black man was made President of the United States. It appears, however, that when it serves a purpose, we want to remain in the past and use race to justify bad behavior or a weapon to use against people who disagree with you. It’s time to stop this nonsense. Cut it out! Stop it!

White People Ain’t Gonna Take It No More!. This posting is not about race or politics. Although some of you are not American, this message applies to all of us as human beings. If communities and churches cared for their own, we wouldn’t be the situation we see now!

Obama tried to appear presidential, but how can he be presidential when it is always someone else responsible for American’s dissatisfaction with his policies and his failure to be an effective president?

The interview was an attempt by the President and/or the interviewer to take your eyes off from what Congress and this administration is doing by getting your eyes to look away from his policies and look somewhere else.

Obama just doesn’t get it and neither do the liberal media. They think we call him names and spread hatred but acts like he doesn’t know why people are so upset with him. He thinks he is working hard for the best of this nation. He doesn’t seem bothered that people are calling his socialist programs dangerous for America.

What will it take to get through to the media and Obama that Americans won’t stand for this Socialist Plan he is trying to bring to America? If we are like other nations, what defines us as being different? What makes us different now is the ability for someone to come here (LEGALLY) with no money or no real skill and make himself something when he/she works for it. I guess that would stop the illegal immigration and the influx of people wanting to move to America, wouldn’t it?