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How are we going to stop this aggressive grab of our nation’s assets by the government? When will they stop? Obviously, they don’t plan to stop until they are out of office and the damage has already been done. It will have gone too far for Republicans or whoever takes their place to fix everything they have done.

Only time will tell the outcome of this situation. Foresight, however, clearly predicts future problems with citizens suffering along the border taking the law into their own hands. If that happens, we will have huge outbreaks of lawlessness in America. How will the President handle the situation then? The answer is, he will respond with Martial Law and suspending our civil rights. Martial Law is a dangerous situation for all of us and a scary prospect for America.

We have too much negativity in politics right now and the economy makes us want to scream! How about something to laugh about right now?

It’s interesting to note that 71% of the voters passed their opposition to the Health Care Bill that was crammed down their throats by Congress. Critics are saying that ithis vote is mainly symbolic. It probably won’t stand up when challenged. Even if their vote doesn’t stand, the people have spoken and their voice has been heard.

America isn’t the only country in financial trouble, Europe is having problems as well.

Fox News reports that “Spending in the U.S. threatens to leverage the domestic economy so much that it faces, within just a few years, a debt level that represents the country’s entire gross domestic product. ” This statement causes grave concern for Americans and their children’s future.

WOW, Fox News headlines keep on top of the events of today. These are reports on what interest me and I assume they will interest you. I want to share this information with you. These videos have good ideas on how we can better deal with the times in which we live and better understand where we are heading.

For the week ending July 31st., there were 479,000 new unemployment claims. This number represents people who are filing for the first time.The experts expected the claims to be around 450,000 to 455,000. Fox News expert, Eric Balling, said we should be losing about 70,000 to 100,000 jobs from last month. This is bad news. We should be creating at least 300,000 jobs a month just to keep with a recovery. This rebound, may be (at least for now) looking a little shaky. Balling added, “This is a big number guys. Twenty thousand more than expected (455,000 was the number they expected), that’s a lot–that’s a big number. We may see 9.7% unemployment tomorrow morning.”

Fox News discuses the state of American problems. Very interesting information is revealed about some of the laws passed by this administration and getting America back on track.

America is telling Washington that they won’t support being forced to accept ObamaCare! 71% vote in Missouri against Government interfering in Health Care. AMERICA IS TELLING CONGRESS AND THE PRESIDENT THAT THEY ARE NOT WARMING UP TO THE HEALTH CARE BILL THAT THEY PASSED.

I cannot even entertain the idea of having a Democrat Governor, especially when I learn some of the things I have about White, the Democratic opponent. Here is why I say this.

On December 31st 2010 the Bush tax cuts will fully and completely expire — automatically giving Americans a massive tax increase. Please join me, former Senator Fred Thompson and the League of American Voters in demanding that Congress renew these tax cuts and keep our economy sound.

On Sunday, Senator David Vitter, R-La., told Fox News he that they are trying to determine whether the Obama Administration has seriously considered giving mass legalization for illegal immigrants. New concerns have been raised because of a newly discovered memo that outlines ways to grant legalization without going through Congress.

These three articles are about working with each other to keep cool heads. At the same time, we educate people about becoming more self-reliant instead of depending on the government to take care of them. When people understand that we can help each other weather life storms and that involving government only restricts us, then people will begin to reject government programs and demand more from themselves and their community–as it should be. Government will eventually be put back into place where it belongs.

I encourage you to use this LINK to learn more about this video. It is so sad that Americans have forgotten the values that the Founding Fathers had when they established the Constitution and populated this land for religious and political freedom.

This situation is a dangerous one, and it will take restraint and commitment to handle ourselves appropriately. Are you prepared to make that commitment to me, to the citizenry of America, and to the Democracy that we hold so dear? I’m looking forward to hearing from you.

Advice in this article comes from AIA (Advocate for Absolute Returns” The AIA “Advocate for Absolute Returns” Association for Investor Awareness, Inc. July 29, 2010 AIA reports that “After nearly six weeks of uncertainty, investors finally decided the outlook for the economy was improving enough to justify higher stock prices. Since our last newsletter in June, the Dow and the Nasdaq went up 3.4% and 2.1% respectively. Nearly all the gains came during the last two weeks.” They say the recovery is still shaky with growth at only 2.5%,   which means that it would not take much positive or negative news to push the economy over the edge either way.  I report this information because just recently, I wondered if we are improving the economy and the dollar being more stable or are we still in trouble. According to this report by AIA, it appears that we are not yet […]

Thank you all for your support and for helping me get out the word to people about the important issues we face today. We need to stick together and help calm people down so they won’t react in anger to the ploys of the elite and their plans to steal our freedom. We need to respond appropriately to what we see so we won’t give them fuel to lite the fire they are trying to start under the American People. We MUST stick to our personal commitments in keeping the heat on Washington and thwarting their plans. Education is the best weapon we have in defeating their goals.

Star Parker of GOPUSA asked today. “Why Are We Talking About Racism”? That’s a good question and so I think we should discuss it for a moment. I hope you will contribute to this discussion by leaving a comment.

Star Parker is the founder and president of CURE, the Coalition for Urban Renewal & Education, a 501c3 think tank which explores and promotes market based public policy to fight poverty, as well as author of White Ghetto: How Middle Class America Reflects Inner City Decay.

The United States has ships in the Persian Gulf but they would not be effective in thwarting retaliations from Iran. However, the US would not rule out a military strike if it is suspected Iran has a nuclear weapons program. As usual, Iran denies it has an atomic program that is aimed at making weapons. Denial is not believable because the U.S., The United Nations, and Israel all know Iran has plans to have nuclear weapons available soon.