It’s interesting that the author in the video saw a revolution in Egypt alright, except the one he predicted was supposed to be one of the most violent revolution ever seen. Was he wrong? What we’ve seen on television is basically a peaceful revolution?

Egypt’s Revolution the past 18 days forced Mubarak (a corrupt and evil dictator) out of office has millions around the world celebrating their success. I heard that the revolution is not really successful in deposing a dictator because it is really a military coup.

Many Americans saw Bill O’Reilly’s interview with President Obama Sunday, before the Super Bowl. Apparently, most Americans thought the interview was good and that the President did well. I thought he did well too. In fact, it was good to see the President so relaxed and comfortable with answering O’Reilly’s questions.

A conclusion that one Muslim man in America came to after he was in a car accident and was told by those who treated him that they would take care of him. He learned that Jews/Christians are good people and have a relationship with their God that he wised he had.

Does having the power to vote make it a democracy? Of course it doesn’t! A nation ruled by a dictator is not really a democracy with real rights. Even though elections are scheduled to be held in September 2011, Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak rules as a dictator. This form of democracy is not really freedom and the reason people are waging a revolution now.

In case you have not seen Glenn Beck this week about the Muslim Brotherhood and the unrest we see in the Middle East and Egypt. (1-31-2011 to 2-1-2011 and 2-3-2011) Transformation of the Middle East into an Islamic Caliphate to prepare for the Twelfth Imam’s Return.

The liberal media are covering up a major story that impacts every taxpaying citizen in the nation. Please click here to see the video and to take fast action with the Media Research Center. Two videos at the end discuss sex crimes and human trafficking being ignored by this organization.

Nullification, the idea that States don’t have to follow laws that are unConstitutional, is a growing movement in the United States. Legislators in as many as 11 or 12 states have either introduced nullification measures or plan to once their State legislatures are in session.

Islamic socialism is a term coined by various Muslim leaders to meet the demand for a more spiritual form of socialism. Muslim socialists believe that the teachings of the Qur’an and Muhammad are compatible with principles of equality and the redistribution of wealth. But some orthodox Islamic scholars declare various socialist practices, such as the confiscation of private property, to be oppressive and against Islamic teachings.

Can you believe that there is Confederate Gold missing? It’s true! This video series tells by Brad Meltzer tells us about the missing gold by decoding the clues.

Experts discuss the problems we face in America about Congress’ spending, the nation’s deficit, our use of natural resources and where we are going. Very helpful information for those who are interested in knowing the future of America.

These videos are from the cable’s History Channel that I found fascinating. Perhaps you will find them very informative as well and enjoy the details we may not have known. I would love to hear from you about your thoughts. I hope you will share them with us.

This video is from 2009 that tells us about what we are seeing in Egypt and the Middle East right now and will soon know here in the United States. Pay close attention to this information. Look at the events going on in Egypt and the Middle East, to Great Britain and Europe and then try to tell me it can’t happen in the U.SA.

Did you hear what the Muslim Brotherhood said today, just after Mubarak announced that he will step down in September’s election? Muslim Brotherhood “Prepare Egyptians for war with Israel”. Do you know what it will mean when Egypt goes to war against Israel?

It is very easy to get sucked up in the doom and gloom that all of us feel about our country. The greatness asset of our country lies in our abilities to overcome and to see the silver lining in the clouds. What is the silver lining ….

Suppose the wild fire raging in the Middle East spreads into Spain and France; and spreads to other nations that are already on fire with Muslim rioting: such as Italy, Greece, Ireland, Great Britain. Note the map below to see how that can happen.

Breaking News! President Mubarak of Egypt just announced that the government will resign and he will appoint a new government.

Interestingly, he has not withdrawn the military yet but has agreed to step down. Experts think this is a tactic to get the streets cleared. If true, it’s believed the people will see through it.

Although other nations have had protest and riots to overthrow their government, this one can affect the world and the United States the most. This would mean the peace talks going on in the Region will come to an end and likely usher in the War spoken of in the scriptures. Thus, this is something that should concern us all as the events in Egypt unfold on television.

Last night President Barack Obama implored Democrats and Republicans to rally behind an economic agenda of federal spending on core areas and to rein in the nation’s debt. Yet he has also promised to veto any bill that contains pet projects.

OAKLAND (CBS 5) — A teacher at Oakland’s Markham Elementary School has been suspended indefinitely after school officials said a pair of second-graders performed sex acts on each other in class – with the teacher present.