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A Message From TEA Party About Gun Control


Listen up: less than 178 days is all Obama has left to launch his nationwide gun, DNA and ammo grab vaporizing the Second Amendment!

Here is the inside scoop. As all eyes are turned to Hillary, Sanders, Trump and the election process… few have been watching what Obama has been up to. Secretive, nefarious activity has just been discovered which places Second Amendment in peril.

I’m giving you the ‘heads up’. Your Tea Party alert last week revealed Obama’s gun and DNA grab scheme, which includes secret meetings with Governor Jerry Brown of California and other key Governors to create a diabolical plan to extinguish the second amendment. Well guess what, the Obama gun and DNA grab scheme is happening before our very eyes… and they are ahead of schedule!

As you’re reading this, the Tea Party Team is turning up the juice in an effort to intervene on behalf of the American people. I’m here to tell you… we have become big targets but WOW are we getting results!  We discovered new information which surpasses the evil of even Nazi Germany!

There is a greater, even more sinister attempt to crush the Second Amendment than we ever imagined… and it’s about to happen before Obama leaves office! This is why we need your help to STOP this atrocity before this before it becomes enacted.

We reported Obama’s Plan: Outlaw gun stores in every state. Register all ammunition. Expand background checks to non-gun owning friends and family. Force all gun manufacturers to produce only smart guns. Mandate citizens to surrender their DNA before gun purchase can become completed. But there’s one more thing we discovered that set us back on our heels.

*You must sit down before you read anymore; this is going to knock the wind out of you.*

Think about this, America’s honored Veterans; many of them wounded in service to our nation have been targeted for gun confiscation and placed on government watch lists with greater scrutiny than dangerous ISIS and radical Islamic terrorists. You heard me right!


The fact is Obama is using a Department of Veterans Affairs fiduciary trustee scheme to locate, target and revoke veteran’s lifetime right to own guns. Obama ordered the Department of Veterans Affairs to declare our heroes mentally defective, as if our honored veterans are no longer honored, wounded patriots who served our nation with life and limb. Our heroes are being relegated to nameless pieces of gear, deemed to be defective and not deserving of rights or benefits and life!

Here is the proof:

Veterans Administration (VA) has been reporting to the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) the identities of its beneficiaries who have been assigned a “fiduciary” to manage their benefits. The VA claims that such determinations constitute an “adjudication of mental defectiveness” under federal law, thereby prohibiting the beneficiary (presumptively for life) from acquiring or possessing firearms.

To top it off the Tea Party Team discovered this is not an isolated case of veteran victims, but well over 260,000 veterans have had their guns rights REVOKED FOR LIFE….and all in the name of peace and the global good!

Over 10,000 veterans are losing their gun rights for life every week! The Tea Party is going to stop this!

Why is Obama targeting veterans?

Frankly, the demon-possessed madman Obama is hell bent and will stop at nothing because he has less than 178 days left to crush veteran rights, grab guns and ammo, cripple nationwide gun sales, install DNA collections procedures and register all gun owners’ friends and families.

Now you know why the Tea Party must intervene for the American people once again.

To add injury to insult, Obama’s gun and DNA grab, including the Veterans Administration fiduciary trustee scheme, are funded with your tax dollars! Revolting!

Bottom line is the Tea Party Team is the boots on the ground intervening for the American people!

Here’s what we’ve been doing:

The Tea Party is supporting the Veterans 2nd Amendment Protection Act (H.R. 2001, Rep. Jeff Miller, R-FL) and the Mental Health and Safe Communities Act of 2015 (S. 2002, Sen. John Cornyn, R-TX).

Senator Chuck Grassley of Iowa has been questioning the VA on this matter, and hopes to put a stop to it. “The very agency created to serve them (veterans) is jeopardizing their Second Amendment rights through an erroneous reading of gun regulations. The VA’s careless approach to our veterans’ constitutional rights is disgraceful.”

The Tea Party MUST Intervene for the America People NOW!

Hells Bells! The Tea Party Team is taking the fight to the belly of the beast. We must intervene on behalf of the American people. We are telling decision makers on Capitol Hill not to be shoved around by bleeding heart liberals!  We are going eyeball to eyeball with Washington big shots and warn them: Don’t you dare kowtow to Obama’s madness! The Tea Party will protect 2nd Amendment rights, Veterans and our family to the last man!  

In a nutshell, the day of being fat and lazy, soaking in a hot tub and lollygagging is over! We must continue to intervene with decision-makers on behalf of the American people and throw caution to the wind!  And we must intervene right now.

You had better ready up!  The ongoing plan is to strategically place only a few of our key Tea Party leaders directly in the path of decision makers so we can give them some old fashion horse sense about the Gun and DNA grab and Veteran crushing.  Believe me they are going to get their ear bent and no doubt break out in a cold sweat when they realize they had better not swerve left and stay the course laid out in the Constitution and the 2nd Amendment.

Here it is straight up! I’m not going to mince my words: We must have your help now and a lot of it, or we will be unable to stop Obama’s gun and DNA grab and protect our veterans.

Believe me; Obama has turned Washington DC from a beautiful capitol city into a Death Star! Darth Obama is poisoning our rights, revoking veteran’s rights and trying to grab our DNA! In a few days Obama will try to wield his poison executive order pen and extinguish our 2nd Amendment freedom with a single signature. But we will be ready!

Listen up. We must raise $19,720 this week so we can pay our lodging bills, long distant phone calls, taxi cab fees and maybe make bail if Obama locks us up!

Not if; but how much can you help?

I know you will stand with the Tea Party and underwrite this intervention on behalf of the American people.  It’s now or never – the very fabric of the 2ndAmendment hangs in the balance.

Thank you, and God Bless

Steve Eichler
CEO, Tea Party

P.S. – We need to know. Should we continue the fight and intervene for the American people? Should the Tea Party keep marching and protect our rights? Our Veterans protected us on the battle field is it our turn to protect them? I want to make our Founding Fathers proud of what they built and what we are protecting, do you?  We get no fat-cat grants and government dollars we are completed underwritten by good patriots like you!  We count on America’s grassroots to support our vast efforts-phone calls, emails, faxes, petitions, rallies, protests and more. Without your donation we will go by the wayside.

Support the Tea Party with a donation today and let’s get Obama out once and for all!  

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