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I personally saw Donald Trump in a different light and appreciated the candidness of the interview. I suspect you will see this likely candidate answering questions that your have had and his answers make sense. What do you think?


Trump is questioned by Fox News about things he has said and why he would be a good President. The following topics are just a few of the subjects the Presidential hopeful discussed:

  • Vice President choice
  • Comments he made about Ben Carson being  a really nice guy (possibly a V.P. choice)
  • How he would handle Isis and why it is so hard to stop them
  • What he plans to do about Illegal Immigration and limiting Muslims into the U.S
  • His attitude about fair trade agreements previous leaders made-bad because they did not understand business and good negotiations
  • Making better trade agreements would make America more respected
  • Answered questions about his relationship with Russia and why he expects their attitudes to change about America.


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