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This post is my response to the January 1st 2016 TEA Party email. The time is drawing near to us having to make a decision on the side of the fence on which we will stand when the government starts gun confiscation. We’ve been told for years that Obama’s and the progressives’ vision is to move America into a “GLOBAL SOCIETY” under New World Order (NWO). In order for that to happen, guns must go that will prevent this goal.

Keep in mind that the ONLY way New World Order CAN make America a global society is to bring her down to the same level as the rest of the non-industrial world. Money and weapons give people power to fight back and prevent the take-over of our freedoms and give it to the elite.

If they come after your guns, have you considered the consequences of your choices?  Realize that the plan is to force some to fight back so they (OBAMA AND COHORTS) will have a reason for enacting Martial Law.

The Executive Order for Martial Law in 2012 allows confiscation of guns, ammo, personal vehicles, personal computers, businesses and business equipment, personal homes, ALL your food storage and supplies, and ALL your freedoms that they say is a threat to the government.

  • There will be NO Congress, NO Constitution, and NO Bill of Rights.
  • There will be gatherings of people and put in FEMA CAMPS.
  • CLICK HERE for more information on Tyrany.
  • CLICK HERE for more information on Martial Law.

 Edited copy of the TEA Party Newsletter.

Sheriff Joe Arpaio: Executive Order or Not, ‘I’m Not Surrendering the Guns!’

Tell Congress you don’t give a sh*t what they say, you are going to protect your home and family.

I am holding nothing back, so BEWARE! No more Mr. nice guy, no more politically correct sweetness, no more kum-ba-yah weenie roast campfires, and no more dead-end arm-chair generals because it is time for war!

“Tea Party members, concerned citizens and conservatives all recognize what is happening in America. It is a bygone conclusion the Government has become adversarial and not to our enemies but to American citizens! What would George Washington do if he were alive today? I would suspect he and his army would be armed and prepared to protect citizen life, home and liberty.” Steve Eichler – President

A Naked America is what Barack Obama and his liberal socialists have worked so hard to achieve these past eight years, and right now he is within 94 % of his goal. The socialist cabal is stripping our beloved country naked of any means to defend ourselves, and all in the name of the Global Good. If We The People were to stand naked before the world, those who cry ‘peace’ will rape and behead us, stealing America’s wealth and forcing the survivors to bow down to their false gods.

What would George Washington do if he would be ordered to lick the booths of a domestic enemy? Would he surrender his arms and trust the very people who disarmed him to protect his home and family?

You know the one, Founding Father, General of the Continental Army who marched his men bloody in the snow without shoes, fought and mercilessly killed the enemy, thereby defeating the greatest military in the world. Yup, that one. What would he say, and more importantly what would he do when told to surrender his guns and to shut up and sit down? General Washington would resist to his death. Should we be any different?

Listen up. The American people finally get it. If disarmed, the only people with guns will be the ones we surrendered the guns & ammo to (along with the criminals)! America would be constitutionally naked, stripped and completely vulnerable. I have no choice, it has gone too far.

I have officially issued a Tea Party Call To Arms! But it doesn’t end there: I am also sending an Emergency Warning to Congress and All Governors – Revolution is on its way! The enemy is within our rank and file citizenry.

Here’s the poison of the secret agenda of the Obama cabal:

Agenda: Bring America down for the global good
Result: Plunging America into a 3rd world pigsty
 ➢ Agenda: No vetting of terrorists, free unchecked entrance into the heartland of America
Result: Infiltrate and destroy the will of the people to resist by any means
 ➢ Agenda: Grab all guns & ammo from the American people
Result: American people will be defenseless and constitutionally naked
 ➢ Agenda: Ignite elements to raise up, riot and destroy society
Result: Forced dependency on Federal Police Power
 ➢ Agenda: Paint State and local police as evil and killers of the innocent
Result: Enforcement impossible. Federal Police will be the only authority.
Believe it. The end game is to make the citizenry unable to fight back against the coming changes Obama had created. The change is to install a totalitarian form of government, thereby extinguishing America by any means necessary… and all in the name of the ‘global good’. Obama is going down in history as the president that ended America.Since Obama will not go to war with Islamic terrorists but instead insists on bringing those same terrorists here, war in our streets is inevitable.

It doesn’t stop there – The liberal socialists view America with vile hatred and disdain, falsely claiming America is an Imperial power abusing the world while hoarding their ill-gotten booty stolen from poor families. Our children are being taught that America is nothing more than a greedy colonial power, stepping on the necks of the sick and crushing the poor. They claim American industry is driven by filthy dollars, and that all-powerful America must be taught a lesson by bringing her down to her knees and made to pay for her past sins. America must be disarmed and placed into forced dependency by the very Federal Police who are poised to grab our guns & ammo and freedom… and all this for the global good!

Frankly, to the liberal socialist gun & ammo grabbers I say: “#*^K YOU! AMERICA RULES!” The Tea Party is not backing down, and you know it’s true! The Tea Party is fighting back just like we did in 1773 and there may be blood. We have elected hundreds of candidates and changed countless pieces of legislation. That is all find and dandy, but now it is time to ‘man-up!’

Here is what we have cooking, we need your help:
(Read this and get ready)

➢ Send an Emergency Warning Fax Blast to all 100 Senators and all 435 Members of the House of Representatives, AND all 50 Governors. They will get the message that tens of millions of pissed-off patriots are as mad as hell and we are doing something about it.

Read it for yourself:


We the People are calling on you to resist the gun grabber’s cry-baby stories. Instead we demand action at the Congressional level!

We are demanding Congress stop the government from regulating gun & ammo ownership. The People reject government gun control in any way, shape or form. No doubt this will anger the Washington Socialists, but we demand you protect us. We are asking you to introduce legislation that will accomplish the following:

Repeal all gun control laws
Federal government to sponsor free gun giveaways
 Mandatory gun safety classes in schools starting in elementary school
 Issue tax credits to gun ranges and gun & ammo stores
 Fire all gun grabbing officials

Time to turn the tables on the gun grabbers and restore America.

Be a Hero not a Zero! America Is Watching!

Your Name
City State Zip

Check List For Patriots:

  1. Keep fighting shoulder to shoulder as honorable Tea Party Regulars and officers
  2. Buy guns now
  3. Stock pile ammo
  4. Get you ‘bug-out pack’ together
  5. Stock your safe room
  6. Join or start a militia
Message to the cowards: Don’t give me your pansy excuse that it won’t work. Listen you morons, if we do nothing then we have only ourselves to blame when our guns & ammo are grabbed and our freedom along with them. Listen up! We must fight to the last man or live as cowards. Got it?

With the Tea Party’s tens of millions of members, along with the thousands of small Tea Party groups, and several large Tea Party-aligned organizations, we have the clout and strength to mobilize and bring high-pressure to the government, override the madness, and bring America back to sanity. We can fulfill the vision of our forefathers.

This is why we need your help.

Steve Eichler,
CEO, Tea Party
P.S. Remember this: Rulers are the servants and agents of the people; the people are their masters. Send an Emergency Warning Fax Blast today!
Patrick Henry (Va. Ratifying Convention, 1788)



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