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This story is shocking because we are supposed to be living in a nation of religious freedom. Apparently this is not true when someone can be dismissed from his job at Fox Sports because of an answer Craig James gave when campaigning for Texas Senator; which he lost to Ted Cruz.

Football analyst Craig James was fired for his beliefs about and in support for traditional marriage, which 75-76 % of the voters support.

“At Fox Sports we respect all points of view, and despite reports to the contrary, the decision to no longer use Craig James in our college football coverage was simply because he was not a good fit for Fox Sports,” the statement said. “Mr. James, while both experienced and knowledgeable, is a polarizing figure in the college sports community. Regrettably, the decision to use him was not properly vetted, and as a result he will no longer provide commentary on Fox Sports Southwest’s college football coverage.”

“After the storm hit and they’ve since tried to cover this up and rewrite history, they’re saying I’m polarizing. That doesn’t hold water because the Friday before I went on the air, Fox issued a national press release that was very complimentary, flattering of me and my talents and said I would be an asset to their coverage. It’s a classic case of, ‘Let’s cloud and distort what really happened here to take away from the heat that’s going to come our way,’” said James.

James stands behind the comments on marriage that he stated in last year’s debate and said the state of Texas clearly agrees with him.

“We have a law here in Texas,” he said. “A few years ago, we voted on it, where the definition of marriage is between a man and a woman and it was nearly 75-76 percent who support that belief, so it’s not like I have some unique feeling or belief on what marriage is in this country.

“I also said during that debate and on that issue that this is a choice. We all have choices to make in life. The choices that I choose to do, I will be judged for those by God. That’s my belief. That’s based on the Lord that I worship. Everyone, all of us, will be judged on Judgment Day according to their choices and things that they’ve done in their life. That’s not my business, not to judge, because the Bible tells me, ‘Judge not, lest ye be judged,’” said James, quoting Jesus from the Sermon on the Mount in Matthew 7:1.   Read more at http://www.wnd.com/2014/02/fox-sports-lied-about-anchors-firing/#87pcFbE33Vrp5TdR.99

It’s one thing to have a belief but another when those in power have an issue with your beliefs.  In other words, you can say that it’s not your business if people have same sex relationships but it’s another to say you disagree with same sex marriages.  Because some people believe same sex relationships are natural and must be accepted by society, makes being against same sex marriage unacceptable and intolerable.  This is where Craig James found himself and where many of us who believe as he does will find  ourselves as well.

We will have the same-sex lifestyle shoved down our throats and forced acceptance until they get what they want–laws that make us accept this lifestyle choice as normal and legal.  Because religious beliefs are no longer acceptable when objecting to a lifestyle that is abhorrent to God  and to many of us in today’s society,  states and organizations are being forced to accept this imitation of love and marriage as a legitimate lifestyle.  In other words, whether this choice in lifestyle is acceptable or not to us, it will become the law of the land and disagreement to it is no longer tolerated…Period.

Proponents of same-sex relationships believe it is the same as freeing slaves and recognizing them as human beings.  Disagreement to same-sex relationships is the same as not accepting black slaves as free human beings.  It took a war and new laws passed to make slavery inhumane and against human rights.  Can this really be a choice to be free or is it about living a lifestyle that is against God’s laws?  Just because government tries to separate belief in God’s law from the reality of satisfying human demands doesn’t make it right.  Whether we stand up to be counted on this topic or not is NOT the question here. It is really about people forcing Government to step over the laws of God to satisfy human desire.

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