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This post was originally written in November 2011 but was lost when the site was attacked and all post from March 2011 to March 2013 were lost. I was able to recover this post and so now I am re-posting it. You can see now, that much as changed in the last three years and makes this article even more relevant today.


Is it true, Could Tyranny Live in America Today? Will we even recognize tyranny in our own country? because of biased media coverage and outright censorship?  I don’t think many of us will recognize much (although we will complain a lot) until it’s too late. Already, we are accepting loss of many freedoms in order to satisfy the immediate needs we have today. Unfortunately, we will likely not recognize what we’ve given up or where we are headed.

How is it Possible for Tyranny Live in America?

When freedoms are lost and transfers to government, individuals within the government benefit at the expense of citizens. Individuals within this type of government are in position to reward themselves more money because they can. As these individuals become richer they become more powerful. Greater divisions between government and the people create an imbalance in equality. The more powerful individuals in government become, the more dictatorial it becomes. From there, it is NOT n=much of a leap to tyranny living in America.

Any time a president interferes with duties of Congress (threatens them individually or as a group, goes around them, ignores them, refuses to release summoned records to them) or when government has an Attorney General who lets this environment happen and is guilty of crimes himself, and when a Supreme Court caves in to threats from the President (saying they must sustain the President or perhaps personal threats were given) ObamaCare was deemed legal when it obviously is not. Legality within the Constitution has to be questioned when ObamaCare can be passed WITHOUT ONE Republican present, when those who passed it did NOT read it first and did not personally know what was actually in it (Pelosi’s famous saying: We have to pass it to know what’s in it) 

We are accepting socialist programs more and more, without concerns about what we are giving up. We want everyone to be happy and live a better life but swallow the falsehood that ONLY government can make that happen. Time and again, we have heard these words come from President Obama. He believes this whole-heartedly, but he is wrong.

Government can provide an environment of freedom and free-enterprise or give incentives but they cannot make life fair or blessed; only work within churches and communities can help make this happen when they support (this does not mean financial support) those within their stewardship. Within the confines of personal responsibility, personal accountability, personal work ethics, and personal belief in self and ability, people will change their own stars and improve their own lives.

Taking from Peter to pay Paul or Robin hood (ie.,taxation and government programs) stealing from the king (i.e., government) in order to help the poor, does NOT work and NEVER. This type of government (Republic Democracy) cannot sustain itself because it doesn’t work in an imperfect world. Why? Because people become dependent on their benefactor and lose personal incentive to become self-reliant. Being self-reliant means individuals appreciate depending on themselves to provide what they need and want because they do not have to wait on or depend on someone else to get around to it or to give them only what the benefactor thinks they need. What happens when demands become greater and government programs cannot sustain them any longer? What happens when a change in leadership changes programs?

We are constantly being manipulated by the progressive left to think present government and the rich are evil. What they do NOT say is that this is the very form of government that allows America to become one of the richest nations in the world. It is this form of government that people come to America for in order to make their dreams come true. Many people DO make their dreams come true because of their hard work and pure determination. They would never achieve what they have in America if they still lived in the country they left.

Youth are being re-educated with rewritten history books and liberal educators to believe that America is evil, that Americans and government are baby killers, that Americans and government are war mongers, and that rich Americans get richer on the backs of the poor. Some of these youth believe the lies (misrepresentations of the truth) and praise the merits of Communism. The truth about Communism escapes them because they have not had experience with Communism and they have not live at a time when Communism was feared (USSR, CUBA, CHINA and Tiananmen Square). Because of naivety, they do not understand what Communism really is and so many think it is good. As a result of their strong belief in lies, they work in coordination with others to overthrow our nation’s laws and form of government in order to replace it with Communism.

Americans today are told that government will take care of them, that there will be no poor among them. What they don’t know is (under Communism rule) they get only what government wants them to have because, individually, they own nothing. Everything belongs to the government and then what was owned before is taken away and given to the privileged few who are favored by the government.

What would America look like as a communist nation and What would our lives be like if we were a Communist Nation? 
Answers to these questions will soon become apparent (and that’s a promise) if we continue to accept loss of freedoms (empowered to us by the Constitution) in exchange for socialist programs.


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