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How absolutely ridiculous do we have to become in this country? Watch this video showing a good kid arrested for having a pocket knife in his vehicle when the school searched his car in the parking lot. The “no-tolerance of weapons at school” policy gave them the right to search his car while on school property.

What is the problem with having a pocket knife in a car? It’s not a gun! A pocket knife has many uses other than it being a weapon. What’s wrong with carry a pocket knife in your car for protection? I’m sorry, but I think this school policy is ridiculous and over indulgent.

This reminds me of the father arrested for trying to pick up his children after school without waiting in a long line of cars for his turn to pick up. The ridiculous thing about this event is the man intentionally walked to school to pick up his children so he would NOT have to wait in that long line of cars. However, school officials would not allow him to take home his children because school policy says parents have to wait in the car line and cannot walk to school and expect the office to release his children to him. When the parent made a scene about it, the school officer arrested him.

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