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It’s interesting that, out of more than twenty other WordPress sites, this site is the only one having problems.   Anyway, at least for now, we will use this this theme for replacement.  Let me know if you notice any problems.  Whatever the glitch, the blogging must still go on; right?

11-political_cartoonI am curious about your thoughts on some of the topics I write about and would like to hear from you (if you can be civil and say it without hate or insult).  Note the comment form available for you to use, except for spamming. You will need to log in or register to post your comment. 

Chicken Little says the ceiling is falling!

Chicken Little says the sky is falling!
What do you think?

Unfortunately, we suspect our government is spying on us, especially since this site has had several incidents of hacking.  Perhaps you feel uneasy about leaving a comment because you hear people around you saying those who think like us are just paranoid and believe whatever we read . . . I’ve heard that said a time or two from people who should trust my research! 

Of course, from where I sit, no one is paranoid when they have these types of concerns as we have good reason to believe what we read!

The word has already gotten out and we now know for sure that the government is watching and spying on us. We know they are monitoring our emails and phone calls. With that being said, I would still love to hear from you about your thoughts.

We do live in dangerous times and yet think we are as safe in this country as we used to be; but that’s not true. Times and expectations have changed and leave us feeling more exposed to harm than we were in our parent’s days.  

Alex Jones discussed “the blue print” in a video from his speaking tour that helped me overcome my own fears and influenced my decision to continue blogging.  Basically, he said our survival as a free nation and to live the “American Way” according to our desires is dependent on us being more informed citizens.

The UNINFORMED are complicit in this country’s downfall. So is feeding a life-style that is an out-of-sync with our divine creator. Getting back in sync is the way out of this mess we are in today.




Is there anything on your mind that you would like discussed? is not just about political topics. Surely, you have seen or read about something that is truly unbelievable.

Make sure you notate the information properly (obeying copyright laws), giving particulars about where you saw it or read about it and who’s the author or photographer, and then you can share it with us.








Is America’s Governed by the Constitutional or Treason?

For example:

  • How do you feel about the immigration laws and the bills being pushed through Congress?
  • How do you feel about the talk about impeachment for Obama? I say, get the goods on him and then impeach him or shut up! I am tired of hearing about it. Do it or not do it, just get it over and move on.
  • How do you feel about Obama ruling by Executive Order and constantly going around Congress?
  • Do you think Executive Order is how he gets things done because Congress is unable to function on their own or is he transforming America into a dictatorship?
  • Do you think New World Order will be coming to America or will Americans stand up and clean house to prevent it?
  • Do you think our votes count or manipulated?
  • Do you think “We The People” still have a say in our government today?
  • Are you concerned about the dollar crashing and our economy going upside down — as Doomsday Peppers (such as myself) are saying will happen?
  • Is a concern about Obama Care o your mind right now or do you think it will self-destruct if left alone?

 Our Nation is in Trouble! Thus the Flat at Half Mast

Truly, we are the “Paul Revere” of today. We are the freedom fighters of today who are willing to speak out against the assault on our Liberties. If it were not for the bloggers, we as a population would know little or close to nothing about what’s going on in the nation. With our dysfunctional media, we hear only what the “powers that be” want us to hear.

What makes Americans different is our history. We’re descendants of great people who braved the wild frontier and suffered huge hardships for the promise of freedom and the power to have self-government.

I believe it is our inherited responsibility as Americans (either by birthright or citizenship) to protect what they painstakingly gave us.

Many lives were lost in process of becoming an independent nation. Homes and property were forfeited in their quest for a life-style that many Americans have given up on, as far as it being what we need and what we want . . . we’ve caved into the easy life with handouts and government aide.



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