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Below is a copy of a new email I received from Senator Rand Paul.


See the video the Union Bosses DO NOT want you to see. Viewer discretion is advised.

I want to talk to you about a problem that has:

1. Crippled America’s competitive edge;

2. Forced countless companies overseas;

3. And polluted our political process for nearly half a century.

And my One Page Bill will reverse it all…

Click here to see the breaking video.

Watch it now before Big Labor shuts it down.


Rand Paul
U.S. Senator (R-KY)



The Senator is trying to get a role call vote on this “One Page Bill” to stop labor unions from forcing workers to pay union dues or be fired.

I personally have a huge problem with Labor Unions that are too powerful and too demanding. I saw terrible things happen when I was employed as a worker in a glass manufacturing company. I was forced to belong to a union at that time and could not collect unemployment when they put me on a “call list” and went weeks without work. Because I was still considered employed, it didn’t matter that they were not working me and so I did not warrant unemployment pay–yet the union made sure they had their money.

Today, union members are forced to pay dues and yet they have no choice where those dues go or for what they are paying. For example: union dues are used to influence elections

  • to elect people workers may or may not personally agree with
  • and to keep leadership in power with whom they may or may not support.

Boing (maker of jet airplanes) is an example of the power Unions have over commerce and the affect that power has on politics.
The company decided to build a new plant in South Carolina without unions. This decision caused lawsuits and political reaction. Boing had lost a lot of time and money over union disputes at their Seattle plant so the allegation was that the company was building in South Carolina in retaliation of union strikes.

In October 2011, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) told CNBC that Boeing should either unionize its production facilities in South Carolina, or shut them down entirely.

“Do you think it’s right that Boeing has to close down that plant in South Carolina because it’s non union?” asked host Maria Bartiromo. Pelosi’s reply: “Yes.”

The minority leader quickly added that she would rather it simply unionize and stay open. But barring unionization, by Pelosi’s reasoning, it should simply shut down.

If you believe workers have the right to choose whether they want to belong to a union, to decide where their dues go, and to keep politics out of it, please watch these videos and sign the petition so Rand Paul can get this “One Page Bill” a roll call vote.


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