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Yes, this site is titled “Can We Believe It” and that’s why this report is one I have trouble believing!

I just read a report by NewsMax that “The Government Accountability Office (GAO) says the federal bureaucracy wasted more than $100 billion on bogus payments last year, partially because it doesn’t keep track of its spending.”


How can an organization function without keeping track of its spending?  And worse, how can an organization not know, at the beginning of every month, how much money they’ve got to spend?  Well, that is what committee Chairman Darrell Issa, a California Republican, said our government is doing (according to The Times): “Yet year after year, that’s where the federal government operates.”

It is unimaginable for me to accept that this CAN BE true.  NO reputable business would ever think of operating this way and yet government thinks it is acceptable.  An example of government thinking it is acceptable to function this way is the Democrat controlled congress that operated for four years without a budget…that’s insane and irresponsible!

Comptroller General Gene Dodaro said the only way to get government spending under control would be to have the Obama administration show more leadership and for Congress to do more oversight, The Washington Times reported

Congress has not been doing their job in keeping the Obama Administration responsible for the spending and they’ve become complicit in the spending spree.

According to Comptroller General Dodaro, the Defense Department receives more than half of the government’s discretionary spending but it is so disorganized that it does not know how many people it’s paying or whether soldiers and other personnel are getting the correct salaries. Not only that, but the Defense Department has not been audited for 20 years. In addition, it has not been included in the estimated $100 billion of government waste.

“It bothers me the [National Security Agency] can tell me how many times Aunt Margaret called Aunt Matilda, but I can’t get an audit from the Defense Department,” said Rep. Stephen Lynch, the Massachusetts Democrat, according to The Times.

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Why are “We the People” not doing anything about it or saying anything about it?  Are we not supposed to keep Congress accountable to us?

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