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Most of you are aware that I have been targeted by this Administration or “the Left” because I am reporting on things that they do not like reported.  The following are the results of their meddling:

  • My phone has been tapped many times over the past year.
  • This blog has been attacked by hackers and my ability to post were interrupted 5 separate times.  Most recently, a supposed WordPress mishap caused the loss of two years of postings and registrations.
  • We had 2189 subscribers before May 5th on 2013 that dropped to about 1400 after the site was restored.  All postings and subscribers between May 2011 and May 2013 were lost.
  • You may also know that I came very close to closing down all of my political blogs because of perceived danger to myself and family.  However, you have come back stronger than ever with 3,124 subscribers to date (from May to July 10), doubling new registrations in about two month.  You have made a statement loud and clear that you will not be intimidated by the Obama Regime and their attempts to shut me down.

In spite of my warnings that being a subscriber is exposing you to the administration, you have been coming in droves to this site.  Every few days there are as many as 61 or more new subscribers.  You have NOT been scared off, I applaud your courage, and you are spreading the word.  For that reason, I am keeping up this site.  You have given me more commitment to keep posting instead of cowering in fear…even though some family members advised me to close down.


We need to stand up tall and tell this oppressive administration that we DO NOT WANT Socialism, Communism, Marxism, or any other” ism” that is not Americanism.  We need to educate our children and college students on what it means to be an American, about what is different with our form of government, how that form of government brought prosperity to a nation that has help many other nations, and that it is a nation that used to possess integrity and moral values.

It wasn’t until the population started losing their own integrity and values that government swiftly moved toward alternative forms of government.  Therefore, changing the course on which this nation is rushing toward destruction is to first change ourselves!

new_world_order_0The big question now is “How do we prevent New World Order from taking over America?”  The vision of the “Left” is to move America to New World Order; one government and one religion.  Our income, resources, and ingenuity will be spread around the globe (which will be the same as redistribution of wealth endorsed by Obama).

The rhetoric is that NWO is good for America so it will be part of the global society.  On the other hand, NWO is not good to be so powerful.   They try to tell us that the reason people around the globe hate America is because of her wealth and busybody attitude to rule the world according to her values and politics.   However, the truth is that they want to concentrate natural resources, power and wealth.

FOLLOWUP:  I was side-tracked with family matters before I finished writing this blog.  After checking my email an from an hour earlier,  I had 52 new registrations at 4:42.   You people blow my mind.  Obviously you are spreading the word to more and more people.  You are awesome.  Thank you and please keep up the good work.  Perhaps, together we can make a difference!


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