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Yesterday I was talking to my brother on the phone. After about 20 minutes, I commented on how my voice started echoing in the phone.  He laughed and said, “Hello FBI” and then suddenly there was no more echo.  I laughed at how the echo had just disappeared when he said hello to the FBI.  Some time later, an interruption in my brother’s speaking made me think he had not taken a “call waiting” phone cal. However, he said “No” when I asked if he just missed taking a “call waiting” call?

“Oh my goodness” I said, “they aren’t even worried about being so obvious in tapping me are they?” I cannot believe how bold they are with all the media coverage they’re getting for the IRS scandal.  I am also flabbergasted that they even have an interest in little ol’ me.  I don’t know if it is the topics I write about or speak about on the phone that interest them or if it is the number of subscribers that they find threatening.

I am pleased to be a thorn in their side and that all of you find my articles interesting enough to subscribe; also, I am pleased that you are forwarding articles to others.  The word is getting out! With your efforts and mine, we are creating more and more thorns in the side of Obama and his cohorts.  With enough of it, perhaps we can win or at least cause a whole lot of frustration to their plan; that thought makes me ooze with pride and joy.

My brother said he would have called the media and told them about my being monitored. He felt it was important to let everyone know what the government is doing (i.e., Obama and his people). People need to know that small bloggers such as myself, are being harassed by somebody (which only makes sense that it is the government).  It is so hard to believe that in America, private citizens would be having their phones tapped by government. What about our rights?

Please get out the word that government is doing this to people like me! Perhaps the media should be contacted as well, when your friend’s or your own phone is tapped.



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