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In case you noticed that something happened to the site between 2011 and 2013, you are correct.  I lost everything posted and all the changes I had made to the site from the May 2011 article you see posted until I started posting again in May 2013.  I wrote an article explaining the problem, but even that posting was removed.   However, if you had been following my postings during that time and had registered as a subscriber, you would know that I continued posting regularly on this site.  So what do you think could have happened?

One explanation is that, supposedly, the loss was caused by a WordPress update from 2011 that somehow got stuck until I did the April 2013 update (which is the reason given by the hosting company).   However, that does not make sense as I have done several WordPress updates during that time period and nothing happened then; so how did an old update from 2011 mysteriously become stuck in 2013?  Godaddy hosts this site and after 5 phone calls to them and techs working hard to fix the problem, they said they do not know how an update could have become stuck and that they were unable to retrieve the postings between 2011 and 2013 time frame.

Godaddy technicians tried going back into the old database and re-update but everything we did didn’t work.  They said something was in the scripting that I do not know how to fix and they can’t fix it either.  One of the handicaps in using WordPress is this very problem:  no one to service their programs.  I sent WordPress an email and asked for their help, but got no answer.  I even tried contacting the theme designer and got no answer from them either.

Needless to say, I do not believe what happened to the site was an old update that got stuck.   In late April, there were 2,200 subscribers with most of them coming in the beginning of this year.  The subscribers lost were over a 1,000 in four month (Jan 2013 to early May).   I suspect  2,200 subscribers with over a 1,000 in four month got the attention of the White House and Obama’s Internet Czar (perhaps, some of the new subscribers were from the Czar’s people).   I am just a little guy with no degree in Journalism, nor do I have anyone backing me.  It’s just little ol’ me reporting on things that I come across, find interesting, and have opinions about so I write;  adding quotes from experts or embedded videos.

In addition to this recent hacking, my phone has been tapped as well.  To make sure I wasn’t being paranoid or crazy, I asked the cable company hosting my phone to check the lines.  After they verified nothing was wrong with the lines,  I said. ” I know it sounds paranoid and probably crazy but is it possible that the government could be monitoring my calls?”   I really felt stupid asking such a question but, if nothing was wrong with the lines, then what else could it be?

The cable company said the lines could not be tapped up to the outside box to the house, but they could tap it once the lines go inside the home.  After suggesting that the government could monitor my phones inside the house, the technician had me hold while he checked with his supervisor to be sure he told me the truth.  When he came back to the line, he said it was true that government could only monitor once the lines came into the house.  I do not understand how they can do that inside the home unless they can find the frequency my cordless phones use.

I asked the technician what type of symptoms would indicate wire tapping?  He said I would hearing clicking on the line, which I heard often like someone was picking up the phone in the other room but no one was home but me.   There would be a lot of static and then suddenly clear up, which usually happened when I was on a political discussion with someone.  In addition, there would be echoing on the line.  I often heard echoing with my own voice but the other party did not hear anything, just as they never heard any of the other noises that I heard on my side.

With my land-line phone being monitored in the past and again recently,  and with 5 previous attempts by hackers to shut down this site (succeeding temporarily), I decided the risk was too great to go on posting things that obviously Mr. Obama and his Internet Czar do not like.  With this out-of-control Administration, which has no problem with IRS illegally targeting people and the now a Fox News Journalist, it doesn’t seem so far-fetched that they might/could/would monitor my little site and phone calls…especially if they disagree with my right to post things like I am posting.

My brother has been harping on me to shut down all of my political sites because I am putting myself in jeopardy with a government that has no qualms about putting me in an internment camp when they take over the country; but I don’t care about my own safety.  I’m sure that is what ticks off the government and probably makes me more of a pain in their side — even if I am only a little fish in the sea.

However, when my brother convinced me that my own family will probably be the ones put in harms way, since I do not care about myself.  That is when I made the decision to shut down…especially since the government had already shut me down (I know, there is no proof they did it but I have no doubt they did, based on godaddy’s tech support who worked with me for a whole week to fix the problems).

I could not delete the site, delete posts or widgets, or do anything.  Of course I couldn’t keep a new post either.  I posted that I was shutting down and why, that my site was compromised, and I guess that satisfied whoever hacked me.  I lost over a thousand subscribers, so if you are one of those I lost, you can go ahead and register again.  Sorry for the inconvenience, but you should keep in mind that, if the government is monitoring me and I am on their list, you can believe that you are on their list too if you keep coming to my site or you are registered.  If that scares you, WHICH IT SHOULD, then delete your subscription and stop coming to the site.  After I saw a video by Alex Jones, where he said people won’t know what’s going on if it were not for bloggers.  The media isn’t going to tell the story so who else will but for people like me?


  • Because this nation needs Conservative Americans to stand up for her
  • Because nobody else will if we don’t
  • Because we have a real threat and a REAL EVIL working against us to take down our nation


  • Because they don’t like what America stands for
  • Because they don’t like the values and character that we possess
  • Because they don’t like our standing out in the world as a beacon of hope for living a better life
  • Because they don’t like the power that we have by just being who we are!!!
  • Because they DO NOT WANT America to keep her wealth, which gives her power and uniqueness
  • Because they want America to join the world’s global society and ruled under New World Order
  • Because they need to knock America off her perch as being special, powerful, and unique
  • Because America cannot be special, powerful, and unique under New World Order; her wealth and power need to be used for the world as a whole.  No nation can be wealthy and powerful because only the elite can have the wealth and power.

The video I posted below is the main reason I decided to take the risk and continue posting.  It is a speech given by Alex Jones in Dallas Texas and Orlando Florida.  He has spent the last twenty years exposing the “LEFT” and their evil plans.   Even though he has had many death threats, he made the decision to fight as a patriot for America when he realized the Revolutionary War was fought by “common people” like us.  Where would we be today if people with families did not stand up for freedom?  How can I ignore the call to speak up just as they did?  Obviously I have struck a cord with many of you who visit this site because you continue to come.  You must be coming for the same reason that I keep postings . . . we want to know the truth that the mainstream media won’t tell.

One thing that Alex Jones said in the video that affected me the most is where he talks about Ron Paul, Obama stealing the election, and people dying around him yet he still won’t quit.

He said,  “I think about the cost, I think about what we’re up against. God almighty, if people knew what I know. If people knew this is not just a bunch of bull, that I’ve actually looked into it . . .  This rabbit hole is so deep, things I’ve seen are so far out of control it’s ridiculous that anybody would serve this system, that anybody could think that you’re gonna win serving this evil; all they’re going to do is destroy your family. There’s not even a choice here fighting New World Order.  There’s not even a debate, there’s not even a discussion once you’ve seen what I’ve seen, and I know some of you have seen things I haven’t seen.  How in the hell could we give ourselves over to this evil? How could we be part of this? ”

“All I know is it’s a choice.  I’m saying I’m not part of this, and I’m putt’n in all against this right now…right now on the table and that’s what it is to be alive. You want to be alive? You’re not going to find it in some Armani suit…you’re not going to find it in Madson or some “bling”.  You’re going to find truth defending the innocent against evil. That’s the only place you’re going to find it.”

“I’ve put my name, my children, my wife, my treasure on the line and I am committed.  And when you’re committed, there’s nothing that can stop you. Can you imagine the awakening that’s going to happen when they release those bio-weapons after we’ve warned people so much?  God almighty, I hope the next phases we’ve broken down don’t happen. God almighty, I hope they don’t!”

TO WATCH THE VIDEO AND HEAR HIS SOLUTIONS CLICK ON THIS LINK.  It’s to my new site Transition of America to NWO.  I started the site when I thought I was closing down CanWeBelieveit.info and believed we cannot stop New World Order from coming.  The idea is to reach people who do not know what New World Order is or they know but think it will be good for America to join a global society and not be special or unique.

Published on Mar 3, 2012

Alex took to the road and visited a affiliate radio station in Dallas, Tx. He presented detailed talks and covered the history of the New World Order, its philosophy and mindset, what makes it tick and how we can decisively defeat its plan to establish a technocratic totalitarian world order and prison planet.

Alex has studied the New World Order for more than a decade. His talk in Dallas broke down the philosophy, background and history of the small cabal of elitist controllers who are now coming out in the open and brazenly announcing their plan for world domination in response to manufactured economic and social crises.





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