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I thought you should know about the post I saw on Facebook today, so here it is!  It’s another one of those “I can’t believe it stories”!


One of the two SEALs who responded to the calls for help had “painted” an attacking position with his laser designator … and that ‘paint’ designation was held at the ultimate risk for a considerable length of time. It’s not a laser pointer like the one the kids play with; it must be synchronized with a targeting system… i.e. an overhead weapons platform. That means that there WAS A US AIRBORNE WEAPONS PLATFORM OVERHEAD… and they could have responded with pinpoint accuracy with artillery (lg or sm) or 20mm gunfire… but they were told to STAND DOWN and NOT RESPOND. That’s not “incompetence”! That’s INTENTIONAL… and because of the nature of the situation that “STAND DOWN” could only have come from the Commander in Chief. Therefore, he ignored PLEAS for help and the ability for gunfire support to have been rendered which would have saved the lives of the American Ambassador and the men beside him. Instead, he went to Las Vegas to raise campaign funds, and on late night TV talk shows. That’s not only INTENTIONAL… that’s TREASONOUS conduct! He should not only be thrown out of office, he should be tried for intentionally bringing about the deaths of Americans whom he (HE!) had the ability to save.

There are definite answers and the administration is lying to us. They asked for help; we had support and help in the area and our fellow Americans were denied and others were told to stand down not one, not two but three times. They died and the Obama Administration watched them die! And they lied about it and continue to lie. It is Treason not once, twice but three times over!

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This is absolutely appalling to me, that a standing President, Commander and Chief, could do such a thing to our own people. How can people keep turning their heads from stuff like this and not say anything? How can they excuse this behavior from a President? I just don’t get people who can stand my and say or do nothing. If you are afraid to say something, then that says something about this tyrannical government doesn’t it?

Please, will you open your mouth and tell people what you think about this and don’t use the excuse that this story is just a right-wing attempt to discredit the President. If you think that way, then something is really wrong with you and your commitment to this nation.

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