We are out of gas and our gas tank is nearly empty! Right now we are driving on fumes! How much longer do you think we can do this?
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We are out of gas and our gas tank is nearly empty! Right now we are driving on fumes! How much longer do you think we can do this?

We reached the debt ceiling limit of $14.3 trillion dollars on May 16, but nothing devastating happened? Why? What did we expect would happen?

Did we not expect that the government would have to shut down because it was out of money?

Did we not expect that the government would be in default of it’s debts to the world?

Did the media and government officials not tell us these things would happen if the Democrats didn’t get their way?

Did the media and government officials not portray Republicans as the bad guys for not wanting to accept another huge budget without spending cuts and not wanting to raise the debt ceiling limit without $2 trillion in cuts?

With all the threats told to the American People, did anything bad happen? Not that most of us are aware of, right? Why not?

Did Congress finally come up with a budget and raise the debt ceiling? No? Why not?
Will there be tax hikes to cover the debt for government’s overspending? So far Congress has not budged on any agreements to stop spending or to cut $2 trillion dollars from the budget before raising the debt ceiling. Again, why not?

If we remember correctly, didn’t a Democrat-controlled Congress avoid passing a budget in all of 2010How can they do that?  You can’t run a business without a budget so how can you run government without one? With no budget, overspending is the result. Instead, they left the budget problem for the Republicans to take care of when they took over after the November 2010 elections.

Now here we are, almost half way into the next year, and still no budget! Americans can’t help but be ticked-off with this situation. Can the fault be placed on the Democrats? Why not?

  • Is it not Democrats who refuse to do what they should have done last year.
  • Have they forgotten what “We the People” said with their votes last November? They just won’t give in and do the right thing because of Party lines.

Secretary Geithner already announced that the Treasury Department has various emergency measures they could use to avoid default until around August 2nd, government’s last deadline.


  • Rob cash from various government trust and pension funds to keep the U.S. from defaulting on it’s debt and every-day commitments.
  • Secretary Geithner, the President, Democrats, and some Republicans want to raise the debt ceiling. The battle lines has been drawn in Congress over raising the debt ceiling limit from $14.3 trillion to $16.5 trillion.
  • Tax the “rich” and the five largest oil companies to pay for the debt.


Battle lines have been drawn in Congress. Republicans refuse to raise the debt ceiling limit without spending cuts. They believe it’s time to stop government from continuing to run government business as usual. Democrats, including the President, want the debt ceiling raised–as it has been done for decades.

So what’s up with the President and Democrats? Do they really think the right way to run government is to keep spending like there’s no tomorrow when running out of money?  Is it stubbornness, arrogance, or just stupidity?

Could the Democrats really be that stupid, arrogant, or stubborn? It’s doubtful that’s the reason for there being no budget YET and for their spending spree as if there is no tomorrow and thus, surpassing the debt ceiling. There has to be a Master Plan that they follow, which CANNOT BE in the best interests of the American Way of life.

If Democrat Politicians were really interested in protecting the American Way, they would not be so committed to making America a Nanny State! Democrats want people to be dependent on government programs instead of giving them a hand-up into independence and entrepreneurship.

Where is the evidence that Democrats (i.e., specifically progressive and liberal Democrats) are following a Master Plan that is Anti-American?  It’s in their actions:

1. Recent Economic Reports Are Not Encouraging: Increase Gasoline, Food, and Heating Prices

2. High Inflation, Dollar is Weaker, Foreign Money Replacing The Dollar

3. Government Won’t Stop Spending And Blowing Through The Debt Ceiling

4. The Treasury Keeps Printing More Money Without Nothing to Back It Up

5. Treasurer Geithner Takes From Peter to Pay Paul (Steals From Us to Keep Government Going)

6. Congress Plays The Game of Tax Increases vs. Spending Cuts

7. Government Keeps Subjecting Business to Policies That Hurt Business Growth–Causing Hgh Unemployment Numbers

8. Mortgage Loans and New Homes Built and Sold Are Still Depressed

9. States Are In Debt Up To Their Eyeballs And May Go Bankrupt

10. More And More People Are On Government Assistance Programs

Are you aware that making a person dependent on someone instead of themselves is a mental illness? It’s called co-dependency. A person who is dependent and thinks he/she cannot do it for themselves is a co-dependent.

Government is making people co-dependent because of the power it gives them to control lives. Yes, that is a Mental Illness.

Latest Numbers From


+0.4% in April 2011
9.0% in April 2011
+244,000(p) in April 2011
+$0.03(p) in April 2011
+0.8%(p) in April 2011
+0.6% in 1st Qtr of 2011
+1.6% in 1st Qtr of 2011
+2.2% in April 2011
409,000 in the week ending May 14, 2011
439,000 in the week ending May 14, 2011
$7.25 in Current
(p) preliminary; (c) corrected

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The Index of Leading Economic Indicators (LEI) fell 0.3% in April following nine consecutive months of gains. For March, the LEI was revised up to 0.7% but the decline in April was worse than the pre-report consensus expectation.

Unemployment initial claims for new unemployment benefits continues to run above 400,000 per week.

Terry-9.Newsvine says: 11 Million Illegal Immigrants and 13.7 Million Unemployed

Unemployment rate falls to 2-year low
Apr 1, 2011  That would generate about 2.5 million new positions.  A big factor in the lower unemployment rate is that many people who stopped looking for jobs during  If many out-of-work people start looking for work again, www.toledoblade.com › Business › Economy.

So, according to the above numbers, the real unemployment rate is above 13%, not 9%.

Keep in mind that, when people stop drawing benefits because they run out, they are still unemployed. The numbers for unemployed will look better than is true.

If you are interested in learning how to conteract the economy repercussion, use this link to watch a long but very informative video.


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