New Madrid Earthquake
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People were truly interested in the forecast of “End of Days” being on May 21, 2011 and wanted to know what the story was behind it. As a result, I had record breaking visitors for the day before and day of the foretelling of that fatal event.

It was interesting that 99% of  what people read was the story on the New Madrid earthquake prediction. People didn’t seem interested in any other news on those two days.

  • May 20, I had 2767 visitors and 418 feeds
  • May 21, I had 1542 visitors and 104 feeds
  • The next day, visits were normal

I can’t help but wonder what people were thinking when the date and time passed and nothing happened? Did they say to themselves, “I knew it, nothing happened”? Some people had to be embarrassed and even disappointed? I am sure the majority though, were pleased the disaster didn’t happen.

Well, now what? Does it mean the information about the New Madrid fault zone was a lie or hoax? Was the information misleading or flawed? Do we still have something to worry about in the future?

First, if H.A.A.R.P is behind setting off a disaster in the New Madrid fault zone, do you think they would follow through with it when everyone knows about it or do you think they would back off long enough for people to forget about it?

Don’t you think H.A.A.R.P. is secretive enough to not want people to know what they are doing, and to what extent? If they had followed through with their plans, then it would have verified what the crazies say about them. Why would they cause a disaster that might draw them attention and get their facility shut down?

If the quake was really a God thing, I wonder why He would allow the word to be spread the way it was, as if man is telling God what to do and when to do it. The scriptures, which the religious group used to calculate the date and time, says that we will not know the date or time when the end comes.

Perhaps God is irritated with the arrogance of man trying to speak for God when HE did not assign them that task. The end will come when it comes,  when the conditions are right for it. Only God knows when that time will be, not the little human peons on earth who try to second guess God.

I was hoping something would happen on that day to shake up people enough to get them thinking about powers beyond their control and that they need to get right with the Lord, and with family, associates, and friends while they still have the chance. We just don’t know what the next minute or the next day will bring but we do know that we will die some day and meet our maker. Do we want to take with us what we had not taken care of on earth?

What concerns me is that, when we are alerted to a possible disaster, people will see it as a false alarm and not do anything to heed the warning. That has happened to many communities, where people didn’t take heed to the storm. People, who are constantly warned of a storm coming, often become accustomed to it and don’t heed the warning because they think it’s another false alarm.

If you watched the videos I posted at May 21, 2o11- Earthquake on New Madrid Fault, you heard what the experts had to say on the subject. Experts are those who have intently studied earthquake zones and know the history. You will be wiser now because you know it’s time to make preparation and plan for an event much like what was described.  And, if H.A.A.R.P. is behind anything right now, then we know enough to recognize their dirty deeds when they happen. At least we can expect them to happen and plan for it.

Be sure and read about seizmic activity that’s going on right now. Below is a screen shot of the Google search I did on this topic.  You can get an idea of all the reports out there on seismic activity, which should make you concerned.

Truth is truth, and whatever we don’t want to admit or to accept doesn’t matter a bit because, in time, the facts will bear it out as a lie or a truth. Learn what you can and then put the information in a “Doesn’t Make Sense” file in your mind until you get more information to prove or disprove what you stored; that’s all you can do for now.

Write and tell me what you think is going on with the New Madrid fault line. I am curious about what you know and how you deal with the information, as well as the non-event on May 21st.

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