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Although the President speaks words of friendship to the Israeli Prime Minister, his action speak the opposite.

When we look at his actions in the list below, it is hard to accept that President Obama really sees Israel as a friend.

What more proof do we need that the President is ANTI-Jew and PRO-Islam?

Everyone was careful to sound supportive of the President except Glenn Beck, the only one brave enough to tell the truth.

Obama does not respect Israel, his actions toward them are proof enough. He has always favored Palestine. You say you want proof? Fine:

That was on March 25, 2010

The Israeli prime minister arrived at the White House on Tuesday evening brimming with confidence that the worst of the crisis in his country’s relationship with the United States was over.

On March 4, 2009 …By giving aid to Palestine, Obama has shown his true color and dark agenda for his … He did not gravel before Saddam and send him tributes of $1 billion, ……/obama-is-spending-1-billion-dollars-to-aid-palestinian-hamas-terrorists/

Barack Hussein Obama, the purported savior president of the United States, has done the unthinkable. He has vowed to spend $1 billion dollars in aid to the Muslim terrorists of Palestine. Shock and awe set over Washington DC at this unbelievable offense to America and our ally Israel.

The breaking news just in from Reuters:

The United States plans to offer more than $900 million to help rebuild Gaza…

…the Islamist Hamas movement runs Gaza and remains formally committed to the destruction of the Jewish state…

Clinton’s bid to get “substantial” funds could face an uphill battle in Congress because Hamas continues to rule Gaza and the U.S. focus is on its own souring economy.

The United States will contribute $400 million in development aid to the Palestinian territories and work with Israel to loosen its embargo on Gaza, President Barack Obama said Wednesday. This announcement came after White House talks with Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas.

11 hours ago – Syria 2011 arrow Obama sends billions abroad, cuts billions at home

US President Barack Obama is set to announce billions in aid funding for the Middle East. Meanwhile Americans are facing massive government cuts to social programs and continue to face price hikes, foreclosures and high unemployment.

In support of Egypt, Tunisia and other Arab Spring uprisings Obama is set to grant billions of dollars in aid and support to assist Arab democracies.

16 hours ago “Obama wants to send billions to other Countrys. Obama Middle East Speech: President Will Announce Billions In Economic Aid to Egypt, Tunisia, Don’t you think he should help the good old USA first, look at our economy, look at the homeless, look at the gas prices why don’t he put billions in our economy, who helps the USA, no other Country helps the USA, We need a president that is for Americans and the USA not a President like Obama.”…/obama-middle-east-speech-billions-aid_n_863927_88930881.htm

Jun 10, 2010 … President Barack Obama said today the US would send $400m of aid to …Wouldn’t it have been better to have gone after the Billion or so ……/obama-gives-hamas-400-million-in-aid-

July 24, 2009  US Drowning in Debt, Obama Sends Money for Palestine Deficit  one-third of the estimated deficit of $1.45 billion for 2009, Fayyad said.…/us-drowning-in-debt-obamasends-money.html

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