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Below is a copy of the email I received from Michele Bachmann today. I left out the information for donations. If you would like to join her team or donate money to her cause, feel free to go to her site: www.bachmannforcongress.com.

It would be nice if you would send her an email (info@michelebachmann.com) to tell her you support the efforts she is making in Congress. It’s always nice to know that the people you serve are appreciative of your hard work when under vicious attacks. You don’t have to agree to support her as a candidate for President, if she runs, but please let her know now that you care about her work. Thanks.

Dear Judith,

Our conservative message and values have hit a nerve. The “intelligentsia,” left-wing radicals, mainstream media, and yes — even some of my so-called friends on the right — have flipped the switch on their attack machine in an effort to silence my voice and derail our conservative movement.

Some of their tactics and comments are so vile, and disturbing, that I refuse to repeat them. One of the most recent attacks comes from a supposedly right-leaning media outlet, and misrepresents the work I have done at the state and local level for Minnesota – and suggesting that my husband and I have profited from a business when we absolutely have not! In fact, the attacks have become so pervasive, Rush Limbaugh addressed them Monday on his radio show. In a show of dedicated friendship, he defended my conservative credentials to his listeners:

“The point is,” said Rush, “Michele Bachmann fights the big budget items more relentlessly than most people do, which is why she’s being attacked. Michele Bachmann focuses on the stuff that really matters in terms of dollars and cents, and that’s why he’s under assault now.”

To help me defend myself from their vicious attacks, I need your immediate support to reach out to other fair minded individuals across the United States with the truth about our conservative agenda. Your donation of $25 will cover the cost to send 10,000 additional emails; $50 will cover the cost for 1 advertisement on some of the most trafficked websites; and a $100 or more donation will help me run an interactive poster on Drudge Report, which will help us reach millions with our message of constitutional conservative values.

A decade ago, I never imagined I would become the target of such an appalling, coordinated national smear campaign. Today, as I prayerfully consider our options for the future, I fully understand that the Democrats and Washington ruling class will spare no expense to take me down.

Their socialistic big-government agenda has undermined the foundations of our Constitution, our democracy, our economy and our freedoms. ObamaCare stands alone as the most shocking power grab in the history of our nation!

I know that you understand attacks on me are simply a way for the liberals to attack the conservative values and principles you and I share. So that’s why I’m counting on your generosity and immediate action to help me fight back against their lies, distortions, flimsy facts and phony charges with the truth.

As a strong and unapologetic voice for our conservative movement, I remain the top target for defeat by the Obama Democrats and their attack machine. Not a day goes by when I don’t learn of some new angle of attack – many of which cross the lines of decency.

I won’t be deterred in our goal to bring common sense and fiscal sanity to our federal government. I know you won’t, either. So if you believe in the freedoms guaranteed in our Constitution, I ask that you make a special contribution today of any amount you can afford right away. Every dollar helps me fight back against these attacks!

Finally, I want to reiterate how grateful I am to have such a broad, strong base of activists standing with me. Please accept my sincere appreciation for your friendship and generous support.

Michele Bachmann

P.S. I have faced the mainstream media’s attack machine before. But they have really stepped up their efforts in their coordinated attacks to take down conservatives. The attacks have gotten so bad, that my friend Rush Limbaugh took to the airwaves to defend my conservative credentials!

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