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Unemployment Numbers Hurting Recovery

Jobs Created by Decade

The 60’s  had 16 Million more jobs created (with a 30% gain)

The  70’s had 19.5 Million more jobs created (with a 27% gain)

The 80’s had 18 Million more jobs created (with a 20% gain)

The 90’s had 21.4 Million more jobs created (with a 20% gain)


Jobless numbers are creating a slow recovery Unemployment threatens recovery

25 Million Americans either have no job or a part time job but they want a fulltime job. We have 20% of adult males who don’t get out of bed in the morning to go to work. We’ve never had a higher proportion, says Stewart Varney on the Fox News Channel this morning.

Varney says “America was a job creation engine and the envy of the world. We are no longer that job creation machine. There’s lots of reasons for this.

  • Globalization is a part of it (5 million manufacturing jobs left in the first decade of this century.
  • Growing population and opportunities in other countries; cost less for Labor and no unions.
  • Things like Obama Health Care is costing too much for companies large and small so they are not hiring new people.
  • This is hurting our recovery.

Source: Stewart Varney from Fox News Channel

The high unemployment rate is affecting the communities and neighborhoods in which we live, and puts a strain on the State and family’s financial responsibilities.

Social Services made available to unemployed families increase the Federal budgets. If these subsidies last too long, receivers become dependent on the government and lose hope in their situation ever changing.

Government is responsible for some of the unemployment problem, because company CEO’s make decisions based on the conditions of doing business. Entrepreneurs are less likely to risk going into business as well when the economy is slow.

Bottom line is that we all feel the repercussions of a slow recovery. How well we personally grow the economy in our own little community and neighborhoods is how affectively we change the attitudes of job-makers and job-seekers.

Attitude plays a huge role when CEO’s consider the viability of growing with the community or moving out. We need to actively show business in our area that people are hopeful and ready to work if given an opportunity.

Getting together with churches in the community can help boost the market when CEO’s are asked to present a training program for job seekers. It will give them an opportunity to see the type of people looking for jobs and give job seekers a better idea of what they need to do to get a job from that specific company.

When these same people fill out a job application and include that they attended a workshop the CEO gave, the word will get back to him/her and perhaps influence a job creation.

When an employer sees the type of talent in their application pool, he or she will be more likely to pull from there than from an outside source.

Don’t forget that networking is also a way to find a job. For example, I put in an application at the hospital but had not yet received a call for an interview.

My friend, who worked at the hospital, received a phone call from her supervisor to go to work that day. I asked the caller if she was looking to hire and told her that I had an application on file. She told me she would look at the application and pass it on if she cannot hire me.

Well, my application was passed on to a department that paid very well. I told my friend that I knew I would get the job. When I came out from the interview, she was shocked that I did get it. That’s how it it works. Like I said, attitude makes a difference.

A confident person is magnetic and personable. If that confidence is directed appropriately, the employer will likely reward the person with a job. This is what many employers say when considering an applicant.

Update your resume and have someone look it over to make sure you present your skills well. It is also a good idea to give a followup call back a week later so your name is fresh in their mind. Perhaps sending a “Thank You” post card for the interview is a good idea .

Good luck in your job hunting venture. Keep up the spirits and don’t let the number of times you’ve beeninterviewed and not rewarded with a job can get you down. Try to stay positive and motivated when you interview!

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