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Take the past several reports and put them together. Do you see a picture forming of what is coming down the pike in the next few months.

1- 34,448 Illegal Immigrants Spared Deportation. The Obama Administration suspended tens of thousands of deportations last year and Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano lied to a Senate committee to cover up the astounding figure.

It isn’t that I have or don’t have a problem with Mexicans or immigration, it’s that I have a problem with people coming into our country illegally that we know nothing about and do not have permission to enter. This affects our nation on many fronts.

We have over 20 million illegal immigrants living in our country already, many of them are using benefits that we tax payers subsidize. Can the economics in American households improve as long as we have these many illegal immigrants on the books collecting handouts?

2 –  The U.S. is in the Gun Trafficking Business. The ATF (Department of Alcohol, Tabacco, and Firearms) was recently caught breaking the law?

Apparently the Department of Alcohol, Tabacco, and Firearms told gun shop owners to make illegal sales so the ATF could track where the weapons go. Did they go into Mexico and drug Cartel or are they being stock-piled somewhere. Are they groups in America that are stocking up on fire arms and perhaps planning an revolution.

It is also reported that there are enough hunters with guns in just two states to make up the largest civilian army in America. What if states like Texas and Montana join in these numbers, what would you have then for a civilian army? You can see why an army like this would be a threat to a government that’s subverting the foundation of America.

There can be only one reason for Congress and the White House to be trying to take away our guns, giving the United Nations the right to force U.S. citizens to register guns and ammo with them, and that’s to disarm us. Giving the United Nations that much authority suggests Obama is planning One World Order with the United Nations being the LAW! Why else do they want to disarm us?  How do you feel about being disarmed?

3- Michele Bachmann Says Game Over Michele says, “Let’s send a message to Washington: Game Over for Spending. If we don’t take immediate action, we will only see our economic problems worsen. Help me fight for conservative values in Washington.”

She continued by saying: “Today we received news that the unemployment rate increased yet again to nine percent. And as Congress reconvened this week, I wanted to send you an update on the debate surrounding the economic challenges facing our country. Not only are we dealing with rising unemployment, but we are trying to fight rising debt.”

The point here is that Michele Bachmann is concerned about our rising debt and Congress taxing ours and the next generation to pay for that debt. How do you feel about you and your children paying more than your fair share of the Obama administrations spending spree?

4 – Why Concerns About Debt Ceiling The United States national debt is subject to a debt limit. That limit is $14.3 trillion and right now, our debt is at $14.27 trillion. We will reach the debt ceiling sometime in the next few weeks. Some project that date to be as soon as May 16th or perhaps as late as August.

The projected budget deficit is $1.65 trillion for this year, that’s why we are set to hit the debt ceiling sometime in the next few weeks. With this knowledge, many in Washington realize the seriousness of the situation and yet others do not seem to care one way or the other because they will do what they’ve always done — raise the debt limit and then it’s back to business as usual. If we raise the ceiling limit, it WILL BUST the budget anyway. SO perhaps they are thinking it won’t matter anyway.

5 – They Just Won’t Take No For An Answer. Why? Are they just stubborn and spoiled, or is it part of their Master Plan?

“Senate Democrats Plan to Reintroduce Stealth Amnesty DREAM Act… ” It’s always the same Democrats trying to push this: Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.), Majority Whip Dick Durbin (D-Ill.), Sen. Bob Menendez (D-N.J.) and other Democrats will urge passage of the DREAM Act at a news conference Wednesday morning at the Capitol. That doesn’t give us much time to protest does it. Isn’t that the plan?

6 – Is it Transparency or Blacklisting (Mr. President, Do You HAVE an Enemy List?) President Obama became the talk of the airways for his daring Executive Order draft that makes all businesses submit a record of their donations when applying for a government contract.

Supposedly, the President says this order makes businesses more transparent in their donations. To others, it looks as if he will reward only those who contribute to the Democrat Party and punish those who give to the Republican Party.

How do you feel about a government that would be so bold as to have an enemy list and reward only those who contribute to his party?

7 – United States Post Office Is Going Broke The USPS, (United States Post Office) reported that it has had four straight years of losses, especially with competition from email and other electronic devices, and with the high fuel costs. The high cost of fuel certainly contributes to these losses. Just in this quarter alone, the Post Office has a $2 Billion dollar loss. They pay over $5 Billion dollars a year in pensions.

When will the U.S. Post Office run out of money? September is the end of the physical year, that’s just four months away, and then the Master General says it might just run out of cash by then and default in it’s payments to the Federal Government. How do you feel about this concept.

8 – Inflation At The Hightest Do you feel the squeeze, like you are paying a little bit more for everything? Well, you are right. Food, gas, and energy are soaring over the past year say the experts. This is the highest numbers in inflation since the Obama administration took office.

Fox News Channel reports the following numbers:

  • Food at the grocery stores have jumped 3.9%
  • Gas prices jumped 33.1%
  • Energy (fuel only) prices jumped up to 25.1%

I know this is a huge burden to carry right now but the truth is that time has past to expect anything but bad news from here on out if we don’t make some drastic changes in our house and in government’s house. We had better wake up soon and do what needs to be done or the very bad days ahead of us will be unbearable for some of us.

The bottom line here is that the better we understand our situation and do the best we can to negotiate through the potholes and road blocks we face, the better we will survive the future as it comes upon us.

9 – The Battles Lines Are Drawn The battle line is drawn on taxes. Republicans say it’s “no increase in taxes” and the Democrats say its “all tax increase”. Will they be able to meet in the middle? They will have to, but it’s likely going to take the “Gang of Six” (three Democrats and three Republicans) getting involved. They’ve been working on this for months.

The point is that, when we look at the future, we have to first look at the past. When we look at the November 2010 election, the message was clear that the people want government to stop spending and taxing. They said, government is spending way too much and it has to stop. You would think that the American public would be on the side of Republicans, but they also don’t want their programs to be cut. That’s going to be a problem right now, it’s a no-win situation.

Whatever side of the line in the sand you are on, whatever decision is made in Congress, the bottom line is that we have very difficult times ahead of us.

  • It will be difficult to retain harmony in government and the American People.
  • It will be difficult to maintain household budgets and a standard of living that we want.
  • It will be difficult to maintain peace in our own homes and to have peace of mind.

What this means is that we need to do what we can within our own homes to prepare our families spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and economically. Other than this, there is not much else we have the power to affect.

10 – Is Alan Keys Right About President Obama? Is Obama, as President, really trying to destroy America? This question must be asked and answered by the majority of Americans. If he is, then it is our role as an American citizen to contest his authority and his willingness to commit treason. If he is committing treason then somebody in Washington has to take the bull by the horns and do something about it. Unfortunately, there are too many liberals and progressive in both parties that won’t allow impeachment to happen.

All we can do is expose what we know and then leave it up to the few in government, who do have a conscience, to do the right thing when it is necessary…whatever that might be.

The following are links on WND (World Net Daily) for Alan Keys. You may find these articles informative and help you decide how radical he is in the big scheme of things.

11 – Arizona School Teaching Sedition to High Schoolers SB 1433 is introduced by Senators Klein, Allen; Representatives Burges, Harper: Senator Pearce R; Representative Montenegro.

This is all about students in one School (perhaps more but I am not aware of it yet) to be anti-American and that it is okay to not say the pledge of allegiance because they want to secede from the state and allow Mexico to take back Arizona.

With all the illegal traffic and drug cartel movement in Arizona, it’s no wonder some of the teens there (from illegal immigrants) want to become gang members. From what they see, being part of a gang and running guns and drugs is a profitable business in a country they want Mexico to reclaim.

I’ve tried to give you plenty of information to help you understand this situation so that you will know what to do with information on your side.

Do you believe this is going on in American schools? How can this be, and how can they get away with sedition like this? If a non-Mexican person said such things and tried to teach such things, they would end up in prison for seditious activity. If this doesn’t prove the ambitions of Liberals and why they want to remove the borders, then nothing will.

ARE YOU GOING TO STAND FOR THIS? IF NOT, THEN YOU HAD BETTER DO SOMETHING NOW TO MAKE YOUR VOICE HEARD. Supposedly, Arizona is trying to pass a law to cover this sort of thing but they are being challenged for it…why am I not surprised?

12- How Does Raising The Debt Ceiling Fit Obama’s Master Plan? If you’ve been reading my blogs for some time, by now you should realize that the Master Plan is to drive America into collapse.
The dollar will be devalued even more and the result is out-of-control-hyper-inflation. This will bring about a new world currency and New World Order.

Every single policy that Obama moves through as President, either by Executive Order or by control of the Senate, brings us closer to this goal.

I could give you clues to answer the question, “How Does Raising The Debt Ceiling Fit Obama’s Master Plan?”, but I won’t. You need to figure this out on your own.

There are plenty of articles in this blog to guide you but I have not referenced them for a reason. I want you to do as I did when I started questioning, and that is to use your mind and try to figure out why and how Obama can make this happen.


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