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The battle line is drawn on taxes. Republicans say it’s “no increase in taxes” and the Democrats say its “all tax increase”. Will they be able to meet in the middle? They will have to, but it’s likely going to take the “Gang of Six” (three Democrats and three Republicans) getting involved. They’ve been working on this for months.

Basically, with the Gang of Six being in the middle, it’s going to be both some spending cuts and tax increases. Now the question is, of course, which spending cuts and which tax increases. Make no mistake though, there WILL BE a deal made. In other words, all this you are seeing is just politics. You have to raise the debt ceiling at some point says political experts, even though new polls show that 47% of the American people don’t want the ceiling raised. Keep in mind that we already reached the debt ceiling limit on Monday.

What is Message From Each Side

Mitch McConnell is saying “No Tax Increases” and President Obama is saying “No Spending Cuts, don’t even think about touching social services and social programs. You might cut the Pentagon, but you don’t cut Medicare and you don’t cut Social Security”.  When McConnell was asked about Pentagon spending, he kind of side-stepped that question.

The point is that, when we look at the future, we have to first look at the past. When we look at the November 2010 election, the message was clear that the people want government to stop spending and taxing. They said, government is spending way too much and it has to stop. You would think that the American public would be on the side of Republicans, but they also don’t want their programs to be cut. That’s going to be a problem right now, it’s a no-win situation.

Let’s face it, it’s politics as usual. One side says that “Republicans are wanting to starve children and take away medical care for the elderly”.  The other side says that “Democrats are forcing a class warfare to get their way. To do that, they want to over-tax the rich to pay for the poor. They want to tax the millionaires because they’ve got plenty of money and they can afford to pay more”.

Neither Side Really Has the Answer

Even if you tax the rich everything they’ve got, that’s not going to do anything to the debt. The problem is too much spending and taxation that reaches into the next generation to pay for today’s government spending. Remember that the debt is over $14 TRILLION dollars and growing.

As mention earlier, a new poll today shows that 19% of Americans are in favor of raising the Debt Ceiling, 47% are NOT in favor of raising the ceiling, and the rest don’t have enough information to make a decision. This is an interesting poll when you consider the Democrat’s and President’s position.

You have to ask what the President is thinking, in view of the debt ceiling being reached within not quite half way into a new year? As you know, I believe that all this is part of the Master Plan: to bankrupt America and crash the dollar, then usher in the new world currency and One World Order. I know, I know, I’m crazy. That’s what many of you think, but that’s okay because time will tell soon enough! If you know how to read the handwriting on the wall, you can see that this is true.

The President is trying to tell both sides to forget about the lines in the sand and just get this budget done; remembering well that the Democrats never passed a budget in 2010 when they were in the majority. Can it be done? It has to, they have to meet somewhere in the middle before the situation can get better. They will have to compromise and the American people will be the ones paying the price for it.

Another Budget Consideration

And then, as if domestic problems are not enough, there is another question under consideration. When discussing the budget, we have to take a look at what’s going on in Afghanistan and Pakistan; as well as events going on inside the whole Middle East. We have nuclear weapons in Pakistan, so we must do whatever is necessary to protect those weapons from falling into the wrong hands.

Although the President has removed Bin Laden, al-Qaeda is still in the area and is still a force to deal with in not only Pakistan, but in areas around the globe. So, if Americans want to leave Afghanistan and de-fund the war there, we have to consider this threat in the discussion. Leaving Afghanistan will create a void and certain civil war. If that happens, we can be sure the Taliban and al-Qaeda will fill the void. Can America afford to let that happen in an area that is crucial for our own safety?

We Have Difficult Times Ahead

Whatever side of the line in the sand you are on, whatever decision is made in Congress, the bottom line is that we have very difficult times ahead of us.

  • It will be difficult to retain harmony in government and the American People.
  • It will be difficult to maintain household budgets and a standard of living that we want.
  • It will be difficult to maintain peace in our own homes and to have peace of mind.

What this means is that we need to do what we can within our own homes to prepare our families spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and economically. Other than this, there is not much else we have the power to affect.

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