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Alan Keys says we need to stop Obama or he will destroy America.

On the subject of abortion, Alan Keyes says Obama is completely void of conscience. My question: Is Obama capable of having a conscience when it comes to doing what is best for the country, especially when it contradicts what he wants. Is Keyes right about this or is he a radical?

I agree with what Alan Keys says in the above paragraph because I believe he is right in his assessment of Obama.

I am not saying that Obama is Muslim, but I am saying that he definitely favours Islam. We know this by the way he deals with issues in America regarding Islam and Muslims. Also, watch this video and you can hear it in his own words.

Look, I don’t care much for how you view this video and what you take from it. I do care a lot if you watch it and then deny that his comments concern you or won’t admit that his words are not consistent with an American President.

Another reason I care is that it means you likely uphold liberal points of view — meaning that you want to see Obama change the foundation on which America has affirmed since becoming the United States of America.

So What?

  • So what if Obama is Muslim deep down inside?
  • So what if Obama doesn’t now practice as a Muslim, as far as we know?
  • So what if Obama is Muslim, most Muslims are good and peaceful people; they are not radical like the ones seen on television?

It shouldn’t matter if Obama is a Muslim, not until it affects him making decisions that are best for our nation. If that belief or background affects how he protects and defends American values and the Constitution, then it affects us as a nation. In that way, “So What If He Is Muslim?” has another connotation…and it’s not good for our country.

Much has been said about the above video because the “Left” say that it’s been edited to show anti-Obama clips. Excuse me, but just because Obama is not shown in a positive light in the video does not mean the points made are not true.

  • We know he spent many years as a youth in Kenya where Muslim principles were taught to him by his father.
  • We know that, at some point, he went to a Catholic elementary school.
  • We know that often, his religion was written on important papers as Muslim.
  • We know that he claims to be Christian now.
    • Being a Christian doesn’t matter if he thinks it means going to a Christian school as a child and attending a Christian church as an adult.
    • Being a true Christian is not about what church he attends but what he professes and does in word and deed.
    • Have we seen any proof that he is Christian, other than attending a radical Christian church.

If Obama is truly without conscience, and if he is not truly a Christian, and if he really favours Islam, then why shouldn’t we be concerned about him as our President?

If Obama is really Muslim, and if Muslims really believe it is okay to lie and deceive when it is for the good of Islam, then could the President be trying to take down America (a supposed enemy to Islam)? Although it sounds radical of me to say that I think he is Muslim at heart, it should cause one to consider that Obama may be a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

Have you been asked why Obama was questioned about receiving too much money from foreign governments that support terrorist activities?

Have you been asked why Obama’s campaign contributions were being investigated if they were not concerned about foreign money influencing his election. If Obama is supportive of Islam, why hasn’t his donations been fully disclosed?

Will The President Destroy America?

Is Obama, as President, really trying to destroy America? This question must be asked and answered by the majority of Americans. If he is, then it is our role as an American citizen to contest his authority and his willingness to commit treason. If he is committing treason then somebody in Washington has to take the bull by the horns and do something about it. Unfortunately, there are too many liberals and progressive in both parties that won’t allow impeachment to happen.

I leave this thought with you, because I am not the only one who is concerned about these issues. However, because I DO NOT condone sedition, I currently have no answers that satisfies this situation.

All we can do is expose what we know and then leave it up to the few in government, who do have a conscience, to do the right thing when it is necessary…whatever that might be.

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