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Do you feel the squeeze, like you are paying a little bit more for everything? Well, you are right. Food, gas, and energy are soaring over the past year say the experts. This is the highest numbers in inflation since the Obama administration took office.

Fox News Channel reports the following numbers:

  • Food at the grocery stores have jumped 3.9%
  • Gas prices jumped 33.1%
  • Energy (fuel only) prices jumped up to 25.1%

Expert Eric Bolling of “Follow the Money” on Business Fox Network says that if it has anything to do with food or gas, the prices are soaring over the last year.

If you look from month to month at the increase prices of .4 of 1% , you can throw that number out. Why? Because, looking from last year to now, food and gasoline prices have serged. The average cost of gasoline was just under $2 a gallon, and compare that to gas around $4 or more per gallon–even $4.39 and nine tenths–to now and you will have a more accurate look at the real cost of inflation today.

The cost of gasoline will be reflected in food prices from farming and meat production.

The cost of inflation is worse when added to new costs brought on by the recent flooding in Mississippi (affecting jobs, crops, cattle, and housing). The cost This flooding in Mississippi can be¬†catastrophic, and many don’t have flood insurance. Then you look at the tornadoes and snow storms that has been devastating this year.

Look at unemployment, the golf oil mess, and the cost of sea food to understand the true situation that we face today. If you don’t see a need to store food and supplies, then nothing experts say will change a thing for you. However, if you are wise, you will see the handwriting on the wall and start doing something right now to store food and supplies.

If we think inflation is bad now, what if we were to have a terrorist attack or an earthquake in areas that have not been known normally to be a quake zone, then you can see your exposure to out-of-control hyper-inflation?

I know this is a huge burden to carry right now but the truth is that time has past to expect anything but bad news from here on out if we don’t make some drastic changes in our house and in government’s house. We had better wake up soon and do what needs to be done or the very bad days ahead of us will be unbearable for some of us.

The bottom line here is that the better we understand our situation and do the best we can to negotiate through the potholes and road blocks we face, the better we will survive the future as it comes upon us.

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