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If you’ve been reading my blogs for some time, by now you should realize that the Master Plan is to drive America into collapse.

The dollar will be devalued even more and the result is out-of-control-hyper-inflation. This will bring about a new world currency and New World Order.

Every single policy that Obama moves through as President, either by Executive Order or by control of the Senate, brings us closer to this goal.

I could give you clues to answer the question, “How Does Raising The Debt Ceiling Fit Obama’s Master Plan?”, but I won’t. You need to figure this out on your own. There are plenty of articles in this blog to guide you but I have not referenced them for a reason. I want you to do as I did when I started questioning, and that is to use your mind and try to figure out why and how Obama can make this happen.

Actually, I think I will lead you to two blogs I wrote last year when I began to see the light coming through the clouds. Let me refer you to those articles so you can see the questions I asked myself and why I am concerned now. Maybe you will find yourself wondering the same questions.

Let Us Talk Personally Here are the questions and answers that I came up with back in July 2010.

Congress Will Be Powerless When.… This should get you thinking enough to figure out the Master Plan.

The Plan is to Usher in New World Currency and NWO

The raising of the debt ceiling limits is perfect proof of this goal and here is why?

  1. The debt ceiling has to be raised so that Democrats can complete the spending they have planned to provide socialist/communist programs that make Americans dependent on government to take care of them and does more than anything to remove self-reliance and entrepreneurship .
  2. Raising the debt ceiling limits continues to make America less important on the world stage and allows other nations to excel past her. The only one using the dollar will be the citizens of America if the dollar survives.
  3. However, the plan is to crush America and bring her to her knees. When that happens, the dollar will be no good, the economy will be in depression and desperately looking for ways to work and feed their families. Naturally, the President will be forced to enact Martial Law to bring order back to civility. That is when the Constitution ceases to exist, Congress will no longer be a democratic body, and New World Order will creep in to the workings of government. Perhaps it will not be obvious at first, as it is hard to notice now.
  4. America as we know will cease to exist, borders will no longer exist, we will become part of the North American Union controlled through NWO, Unions will be the organization that will provide work. Remember the communist connections union leadership has and their honest demonstrations to promote the communist plans. Remember also, that union dues will be taken without a choice, and there will be no closed ballots.
  5. The Debt Ceiling Has Outlived Its Purpose. Time to Abolish ItBusinessWeek – Proves that it is time to stop this practice.
  6. Boehner optimistic, demands trillion-dollar cuts | Reuters Proves that cutting spending is the only answer to stopping the spending spree coming from the President and Democrat Party. Why would they continue to spend when they know the majority of the nation wants them to STOP SPENDING?  Even other nations like Germany, Russia, China, and Japan have told Obama to quit spending.
  7. Secondary Sources: Debt CeilingDollar Dive, ECB Mistakes Proof the dollar will dive. Why would the President and Democrats do something like this when they know it will hurt the dollar and our sovereignty?
  8. Warren Buffett: Not Raising The Debt Ceiling Would Be “Most Asinine”
    Apr 30, 2011  According to Warren Buffett, not raising the debt ceiling would not cause a debt crisis as long as the U.S. continued to print dollars. …www.businessinsider.com/warren-buffett-not-raising-the-debt-ceiling-is-asinine-2011-4   Do you believe this? Buffett says to keep printing money? WHY??????? The answer is that Buffett is part of the Bilderberg Group that wants to usher in New World Order. Look it up yourself like I did. Do a Google search with the words Warren Buffett Bilderberg Group. You will see.
  9. Geithner Urges Congress to Raise Debt Limit – US News and World Report
    Jan 6, 2011  [Take the poll: Should Congress Raise the Debt Ceiling?]  The dollar will be dead by April 1, 2011 and it won’t be april fools!  www.usnews.com › Politics & PolicyGeithner is also part of the Bilderberg Group that wants to usher in new currency and New World Order. Look it up yourself like I did. Do a Google search with the words Tim Geithner Bilderberg Group. You will see.
  10. Bernanke: Raise debt ceiling now
    Faith in the US dollar is near the point of collapse.  Ben Bernanke: “Hurry up and raise the debt ceiling so that Geithner can issue some Faith in the US dollar is near the point of collapse.  Ben Bernanke: “Hurry up and raise the debt ceiling so that Geithner can issue some www.freerepublic.com/focus/f-news/2718942/posts     Bernanke is part of the Bilderberg Group too. Look it up on Google search with the words Bernanke Bilderberg Group and you will see.
  11. Lawrence Solomon: Raising U.S. debt ceiling is real threat 
    (April 21, 2011) Rather than saving the economy, raising the US debt ceiling would further undermine the US dollar’s standing as the world’s reserve 
  12. U.S. Fourteen Trillion plus debt — Currency, US dollar devaluation
    An end-of-session vote in December 2009 increased the debt ceiling by $290 billion set …..Multi-trillion dollar cover-up by publicly traded enterprises …
    debt.html –
  13. Obama Debt Ceiling Warning: Raise Limit Or Risk Global RecessionApr 15, 2011 … Do not raise the debt ceiling. How about no more billion dollar tomahawk missile volleys without consulting congress first. …<
    www.huffingtonpost.com/…/obama-debtceiling-_n_849758.html –

Is that enough proof that raising the debt ceiling will crash the dollar and our economy? If these people in government, who are supposed to be in a position to know things we don’t know, continue to push the ceiling against common sense, then we must conclude that there is a purpose to this madness.

Am I really crazy when I say the Master Plan is to get rid of the dollar and replace it with a different world currency that the Bilderberg Group controls?

Am I crazy to suggest that Obama is President to make sure these goals succeed?

Am I crazy to think the end of the dollar and society as we know it is coming to and end and be replaced with a government we don’t recognize?

I know, God will not permit this to happen because He loves America and helped her become the nation she is today. Yes, that is true, but God also gives us freedom of choice and the ability to protect the gift He gave to us. If we neglect doing our duty through complacency and disbelief when we are warned, then don’t you think we deserve it? He will step in to help us for sure, but not until we have paid the price for our ignorance and unwillingness to accept the truth when it slaps us in the face.

Now that you know what I do, now that you have been warned, and now that you have had time to internalize what you’ve learned, are you ready to stand up and do something about it NOW?

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