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New developments on the war to oust Qaddafi in Libya. America’s Newsroom on Fox reports that a fresh round of NATO air strikes thunder through the capital city of Libya. These strikes are the heaviest that we have seen in weeks.

In Benghazi, the bombing has led to significant changes for the rebels. The past few weeks have been a stalemate, with Qaddafi forces really making advances, but with these recent strikes, the rebels are able to move further out to some of the western towns and some in the east as well.

The strikes that hit Tripoli, have done a great deal of damage. As you know, last week, some of the bombs killed Qaddafi’s son and four grandchildren. Although the hit did not create a “game changer” at the time, the most recent bombings have done more to change the game than in the past.

For the past ten days, aid has not been able to come in through (Misrata) which is a port town of Benghazi, so they have not been able to replenish supplies. This means the people are running low on electricty, fuel, food, and water.

Residents in Misrata are calling desperately for the International Organization of Migration to help evacuate some 2,500 people. These people are trapped there and unable to get out. Boats are not allowed to get in or out because of mines in the water. Sources confirmed to Fox that NATO has cleared those mines and that shipments will be able to return to the area.

Misrata is one of the areas that was possibly going to be taken over by Qaddafi forces but they are hoping that might change with these new advances by the rebels. Continued pressure by NATO is needed, especially on the ground, and strikes by air is making the difference.

There is an increase of hope in these areas with the success of the rebels and the bombing by air that has made a difference in the war. This hope increases their belief that they can take down Qaddafi soon. They say if Tripoli falls, Qaddafi will fall.

Uploaded by AFP on May 5, 2011
A ship evacuating more than 1,000 Libyans and foreigners as well as civilian casualties from the besieged Mediterranean port city of Misrata docks in the rebel stronghold of Benghazi.Duration: 01:49


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