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Let’s send a message to Washington: Game Over for Spending

If we don’t take immediate action, we will only see our economic problems worsen. Help me fight for conservative values in Washington.

Today we received news that the unemployment rate increased yet again to nine percent. And as Congress reconvened this week, I wanted to send you an update on the debate surrounding the economic challenges facing our country. Not only are we dealing with rising unemployment, but we are trying to fight rising debt.

I believe Americans are growing tired of the consequences of the Obama economic agenda. And the bottom line is that we MUST cut spending in the 2012 budget and stop the federal government from raising the debt ceiling if we are going to improve our economic standing.

Americans across the country want Congress to get our financial house in order and that is exactly what I am fighting to achieve. If we continue to borrow money at the current rate, we are not only jeopardizing our future, but that of our children and grandchildren. At the current rate, we borrow 41 cents of every dollar our federal government spends.

We cannot continue down this dangerous path and I need your help to send a strong message to Washington that when it comes to spending, the music is about to end…the game is over. We need to stop Washington from raising the debt ceiling and I’m asking you to help me in my efforts to do this.

Will you help me fight for conservative economic values in Congress? I have been asked on a number of occasions over the past week how to solve our economic crisis- and it is a crisis. The solution is simple- stop borrowing money and cut spending!

I believe we are on a trajectory of failure and if we don’t take immediate action, we will only see our economic problems worsen. That’s why I have pledged to vote against raising the debt ceiling, and it is why I am supporting the Republican Study Committee’s plan to by $9.1 trillion over the next 10 years and balance the budget by 2020.

Politicians should play by the same rules every family in American plays by- we must learn to live within our means. And if you agree with me, I ask that you take a moment to support my fight for our shared conservative values in Washington with a donation of $25, $50, $100 or more. Your support is urgently needed as I continue to take the fight for constitutional conservative values to Washington.

Thank you.

Michele Bachmann

P.S. As a quick update on my plans for a potential presidential campaign, I’d like you to know that I have made no final decision, but I expect to by June. In the coming weeks, I am hoping to evaluate the support I might receive as a presidential candidate. Any support you show today will be included in this evaluation. Barack Obama is expected to raise and spend $1 billion on his reelection campaign. So, if you think I should throw my hat in the ring, please make a special donation today by following this link.

Thank you.
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