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BRUSSELS — The European Union agreed to place sanctions on Syrian officials next week as it tries to halt a government crackdown against protesters, an EU official said Friday. 

The official said the EU will freeze the assets of 13 Syrian government officials and ban them from traveling anywhere in the European Union. The sanctions, however, will not apply to Syrian President Bashar Assad as the EU pursues a gradual approach.

France’s Foreign Ministry hailed the decision, calling the move “a first step.”

–From wire reports; The St. Augustine Record, May 7, 2011, p. 5A.

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With all the shooting of demonstrators you would think the EU would have done more than the sanctions.  Libya did the same thing and the council sent in U.N. planes and ships. Why haven’t they done likewise with Syria?

What am I missing? Seems like there are different rules for different nations and leaders. In the case of Libya, the Arab Nation supposedly asked for the U.N. to do something but why haven’t they said anything about Syria? More people have been killed in the streets of Syria than in Libya.  What’s the deal?

Perhaps the reason has something to do with nations wanting to remove the Libyan leader but they don’t feel the same about the Syrian leader. You’ve got to admit that Qaddafi has been brutal and evil for the past 40 years.  His time has got to be brought to an end.

Everything going on in the Middle East are truly in fulfillment of prophecy: being that, in the last days, there would be wars and rumors of wars.  Also, there would be battles of good against evil. Isn’t this what is happening? Aren’t the people rebelling against Dictatorship and abuse of powers?

Yet, in the end, after two-thirds are killed, we know that good will prevail. Let’s hope that we are with the ones who prevail instead of being with the dead.

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