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URGENT: Please Contact your Texas State Senators now!  Redistricting lines are being drawn now to favor Democrats in 2012 instead of the Conservatives who won the election!

Well, it’s politics as usual again. It was only a few years ago that Democrats protested the Republicans redistricting lines to favor Republicans by leaving the State. There were gone for several weeks or maybe even a month. I don’t remember how long they were gone but it angered me that they thought that was a way to force the system to change.

The only thing that changed was no business got done. So who really lost in deal, it was the people of Texas. Now I wonder if the Republicans are low enough to do the same trick now that the tables are turned and it’s them on the wrong side of the deal?

Please, if you are a Texas Resident, contract your Representatives and tell them how you feel about this article. And if you have family members who are, please send this post to them and tell them how you feel about it.

The Texas State Board of Education is under attack by Democrats and Progressives who ran as Republicans. They plan to gerrymander the conservatives on the school board out of office in the 2012 elections!  One member was attacked for being “The wrong kind of Hispanic”!  This is Charlie Garza, a decorated U.S. Navy Submariner-turned-professional educator.  The “Right kind of Hispanic” is apparently the socialist, Rene Nunez, who will support the anti-American propaganda the progressives have been putting in our text books for years.

Please contact all Senate members (start with yours) and ask them NOT to support the Senate Redistricting Committee Map E120 but to support E118/O’Grady map that the majority of the SBOE members like.

Synopsis of events here –…

Link to find your State Senator:

List of all TX State Senators – you can click on their names to be taken to their page with their email form.

Please don’t delay.  This is a battle for the hearts and minds of our children!

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