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The discussion of immigration is on the minds of most Americans, and with the Hispanic community as well. This discussion does not only apply to Arizona and Texas, but is applicable to all states who deal with illegal immigration.

I hope Republican, Democrats, Hispanic, and all people who have opinions on this topic will listen to this video and consider the message.

We all have friends and associates who are Hispanic, and we have made them part of our lives. We also all know people who are here illegally and feel compassion toward them and what they are trying to accomplish so we don’t turn them in. We also know of people who don’t belong here and we would be pleased to see the problem resolved of illegals coming to America.

All of these people are looking for a fair and honest way to deal with the immigration problem. I think the video below does a good job of explaining this situation and in finding a resolution that will satisfy the majority of us.

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When Republicans stick to their conservative principles, we win. It’s just that simple. Our conservative principles attract Hispanics to the Republican Party because they support these values. Republicans value life, liberty, family, and a moral foundation as self evident truths as blessings bestowed upon us by God. We also welcome everyone willing to work hard for a better life. These are our shared values.

We cannot turn our back on immigrants and their families with anti-immigration rhetoric and legislation. If we do so, then we’re not just sending the wrong message to the Hispanic community, but we’re also denying our own conservative values and beliefs. Governor Perry struck it exactly right: We have to be tough on border security and violent crime, but we should not let that lead us to demonize immigrants.

By Steven Hotze at Feb 25, 2011 6:44 PM

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