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A pipe bomb was just found on the entrance to the overpass that goes onto the Coronado Bridge in San Diego. This is important because that bridge goes to the Navy Seal Base.

Is this an attack of retaliation or what, we don’t know. We don’t know any more information yet on this situation but it appears that it could be. It’s things like this that citizens should watch for to prevent a bad situation.

“There are more of us than there are of them” as the scripture says in 2Kings Chapter 6, so we are not alone in this war. There are angels on both sides of the veil looking out for us. Together, we can protect each other or give solace. May we never forget this human trait that we have to give comfort when we need it is my prayer.

It is wonderful to live in a nation that is so caring and warm when disaster hits. We saw it on 9/11/2001 and over and over again throughout the years as people suffer from natural disasters.

We are a blessed nation and we need to remember we are when bad things happen. We can prevail when storms of chaos and tribulation hit if we remember to care for each other and support each other.

May the Lord continue to be with us I pray. Amen

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JayFarbs‎ RT @SooperMexican: RT @ME_Leclerc1776Pipe bomb found at base of the Coronado Bridge

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bikerbd‎ RT @mpoppel: All clear at the Coronado Bridge, no pipe bomb – CNN

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experien_CEZ‎ Pipe bomb found at coronado bridge in San Diego. How true? OMG!

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Suspected Pipe Bomb Closes Down Coronado Bridge | NBC San Diego
CHP shut down southbound lanes of the Coronado Bridge after finding the device.


Suspected Pipe Bomb Found on Coronado Bridge | NBC San Diego

CHP has shut down southbound lanes of the Coronado Bridge.

Suspicious Object Resembling A Pipe Bomb Discovered Near Coronado

May 2, 2011  A suspicious object that resembled a pipe bomb was discovered on the southbound Interstate 5 transition ramp to the San Diego- Coronado Bay 

www.kpbs.org › News › 2011 › May › 2nd

Suspected Pipe Bomb Found on Coronado Bridge – Local News – San 

CHP has shut down southbound lanes of the Coronado Bridge.

Blowback Commences in the US? Pipe Bomb Allegedly Found Near 

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Coronado’s where the amphib base is located, and where the SEAL training school (BUD/S) and several SEAL teams are headquartered. 

I-5 closed: I-5 closed at Coronado Bridge after possible pipe bomb

May 2, 2011  SAN DIEGO — Authorities have shut down southbound Interstate 5 north of theCoronado Bridge because of a possible pipe bomb discovered on 

Coronado Bridge bomb | East County Magazine

May 2, 2011 (San Diego) 9:30 a.m. – A possible pipe bomb has forced closure of I-5 southbound at the Coronado Bridge, Incident Page Network reports. 

Pundit Press: Bomb Found at Coronado Bridge, San Diego

May 2, 2011  Bomb Found at Coronado Bridge, San Diego  A possible pipe bomb has been found at the on-ramp at the Coronado Bridge in San Diego, 

Possible pipe bomb found on I-5 near Coronado Bay Bridge, San 

May 2, 2011  Possible pipe bomb found on I-5 near Coronado Bay Bridge, San Diego; lanes closed.

Possible pipe bomb found on I-5 near bay bridge, south lanes shut 

May 2, 2011  Possible pipe bomb found on I-5 near bay bridge, south lanes shut down the Interstate 5 connection to the San Diego-Coronado Bay Bridge

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