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GOOD JOB MR. PRESIDENT! The circle is complete and justice has been served!

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    With all the news on the Internet today about Bin Laden, I have just one question: Do you think the war on terror is now over? In other words, do you think that, because Usama Bin Laden is dead, the terrorist cells will scramble and go away?

    Of course, I hope we are wise enough to recognize that Bin Laden had already stepped down from the major handling of the war and that there are many more leaders in the wings to keep this movement going.

    You must recognize that this event will certainly step up the threat from al-Qaeda at the least and accelerate the movement against America. It is doubtful that we are safer today because of Bin Laden being gone. We have so many terror groups who have designs to do grave harm on America and other Western Nations.

    Surely, we all need to be alerted to anything strange around us and so that means we cannot become complacent about our safety.

    How do you feel about it the U.S. taking out Bin Laden?

    All morning long I’ve seen people cheering and celebrating Bin Laden’s death, and for good reason. Over the past twenty years, many people have been affected by his deadly deeds.  To them, seeing justice paid brings resolution to their souls.

    However, I have heard nothing on people who feel differently. Not that I want to if they want to praise the man’s evil doings, but I am wondering how the others feel today who do not in a celebrating mood today.

    America has paid a heavy price for our beliefs and open society. We try to welcome everyone who comes to this nation with hope for a brighter future. We embrace those who want to become a productive part of our society and who support our way of life.

    On the other hand, we want nothing to do with those who want to do us harm. Bin Laden and those with his same philosophy have no “Welcome Wagon” waiting for them and are greeted with prison and interrogation. This is where they belong if they are planning an assault on our nation.

    In trying to protect this nation from terrorist attacks, we must not become the enemy ourselves to good and law-abiding citizens. Those who are Arab, Muslim, Pakistani, or of any other background with whom we think we are at war, unless we have good reason to do otherwise, must always be treated with respect as an American.

    This does not mean supposed reasons because of innuendo or false witness. It means reporting suspicious activities that are anti-American. These activities need to be turned into authorities and let them handle it. Don’t put yourself or your family in jeopardy don’t intimidate those you think are guilty of seditious activities . It’s not up to you to pass judgment and sentence them according to your idea of justice.

    Because we do live in difficult times today, it is sometimes difficult to know who is really the enemy among us. This is why we must refrain from uncivil behavior when a situation forces us to make a choice of how to respond. Consider this when events happen now and in the future. Remember that our children are watching us.

    Bin Laden is just cog in the wheel and even though it has taken a long time to get him and make him pay for his crimes, we must leave justice up to those who are responsible to deal with it.

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