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I received a phone call today from associates of John Dennis. He ran against Nancy Pelosi in the last election but lost. Since then, he worked hard in putting together an organization that helps save America. The caller asked which was most disturbing to me:

  1. The disaster that Obama’s administration created for America
  2. Or the Republican Party’s inability to stop him?

At first I could not determine which answer to give because both are disturbing to me. However, finally I came up with the answer. The idea that Republicans said they would investigate anomalies and claims of illegal activities in the November 2010 elections, along with their promise to investigate the Justice Department for reverse racism, came to mind as the most despicable to me. Do you remember the two Black Panthers who intimidated white voters in their precinct during the 2008 elections? Although there was a video showing their guilt, the Justice Department ordered the District Attorney to drop the charges against the men. The Justice Department also made it clear that no racism claims of black on white were to be pursued. Apparently, Holder’s Justice Department Has a Racism Issue and the Republicans have trouble keeping their promises. Republicans promised to hold Democrats accountable if they were given control of the House and Senate. As far as I am aware, nothing has been done to keep their word with those who elected them and gave them control of the House. I remember the Contract that Republicans made with America. Do you remember it also?

The Contract detailed actions the Republicans promised to take if they became the majority party in the United States House of Representatives for the first time in 40 years. Many of the Contract’s policy ideas originated at The Heritage Foundation, a conservative think tank. Now I hear that John Dennis made a commitment to unite people in all walks of life. His purpose is to do something about Washington. The Plan is that, together, we can rein in control of the Parties and hold Republicans to their word. I am pleased with the Freedom & Prosperity PAC that he organized to restore honor and American values, and with his commitment to the TEA Party movement. The American People want CHANGE alright, but not what they got when they elected Obama.

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For example, here is what is posted by Anthony Gregory on April 21, 2011. See if this something you would want to join with and support.

Months of budget squabbling should at least teach us this: The answers to America’s fiscal craziness will not be coming from Washington, and certainly not the leadership of either party. There is no serious proposal to slash domestic spending, genuinely phase out entitlements, or take on the national-defense money hole. What’s more, the philosophical underpinnings of mainstream political life are essentially social-democratic. Most conservatives and practically all liberals are still stuck in the late 20th century mode of seeing the Great Society, to say nothing of the New Deal, as a permanent fixture of the American landscape. But it is the Great Society that needs to be defeated, once and for all. This was the naive hope of some proponents of Nixon, the dream of the Reagan Revolution, the presumed promise of the Republican Revolution of 1994. The Tea Party victories of 2010 have, at best, sent to DC a symbolic protest against the last two or three years of government growth. To be against TARP, for example — to long for the horse and buggy days of 2007 – is to be on the radical end of the Tea Party movement. Tom Woods’s newest book Rollback: Repealing Big Government Before the Coming Fiscal Collapse, is a must-read for everyone frustrated with these constraints on modern political thinking. It is also necessary reading for anyone who is actually open to considering major cuts in government but who is, for expedience’s sake, stuck in the mainstream clash between the Republicans’ heartless, recklessly laissez-faire proposals of $1.5 trillion deficits and the Democrats’ socialistic and bleeding-heart $1.6 trillion deficits. Rollback addresses everything about which the Tea Party types are correctly enraged in detail and with sophisticated but entirely accessible analysis. The financial collapse is explained masterfully and concisely. The myth that deregulation had anything to do with it is forever put to rest. Hayek’s theory of the business cycle is relayed in a way that any intelligent reader can grasp and with obvious and important implications for today’s economy. Obamacare is blown to bits, yet today’s current health care ills are taken seriously, unlike by so many on the right, with a trenchant treatment of the ways the government for decades has mucked up medicine. Woods destroys the rationales for bailouts and stimulus. The entire Obama economic agenda is left in conceptual ruins. No one has done it more compellingly or compactly than Woods. Yet he goes much further, for our troubles did not begin with Obama or even with the president before. The Fed is torn to shreds, not just for messing things up these days, but for being an inherently destructive and meddlesome institution. Far from stabilizing our currency, as promised, it has devalued it with very horrific effects on the savings of the poor and middle class, the social fabric, and the economy at large. Deflation, on the other hand, which we are always taught to fear, mostly hurts “some of the most powerful and influential forces in society.”  Woods overviews the Fed’s role in precipitating rather than preventing panics and economic crises and shows how it is primarily an institution of looting the regular guy to benefit those interests favored by the state. Unlike the typical conservative tract and all too many voices in the Tea Parties, Woods isn’t blind to the fact that war and empire, like domestic socialism, also deprive the economy of resources that could be better used in the private sector. His chapter on the military-industrial-complex is one of the best short economic treatments I’ve seen on the question. Engineers, machine tools, raw materials, and trillions in capital have been diverted from productive civilian use to America’s unparalleled war machine, an institution that ostensibly keeps us safe by continuously increasing its capability to wipe out all human life several times over. Military bases, contractors’ corruption and the general approach of U.S. foreign policy fall under scrutiny. Woods is a the perfect author to introduce these ideas to those skeptical of big government but completely unaware of how much the empire is costing this country. Yet even other sacred cows are forced through Rollback‘s slaughterhouse: Wealth redistribution, federal education subsidies, the supposedly well-working welfare state of Sweden, anti-monopoly legislation, the progressives’ regulatory state, government support for scientific research, and the war on drugs. And then, to top it all off, in the final chapter Woods shows us the way toward liberty, a path that requires as much philosophical revolution as it does political change. He presents very radical proposals on how American individuals can peacefully fight back against the state today, while identifying the intellectual ammunition we need to help create a much better tomorrow. This is the book for your fence-sitting friends and family in the Tea Party range of the conservative movement — those people who know they can’t trust Gingrich and Romney but are so appalled by Obama’s march toward socialism that they are tempted to reach for the easy, partisan and superficial solution rather than work toward understanding the fundamental problems with modern politics and searching for lasting solutions. Set them right with this book. It is also great to give to open-minded liberals who understand spending is out of control but are skeptical we can do away with all the “safety nets” and regulations they think are all keeping Armageddon at bay. Too, seasoned libertarians will find much value in this book, as it is full of great information and insights and is intellectually radicalizing even for those near the radical end of the anti-government spectrum. In short, anyone who really wants something of substance in a readable, concise but eminently thought-provoking package, amidst the vacuous rhetoric plaguing cable news and the dinosaur media, should go out and get the new Woods.

If you agree with what you just read, contact the organizations and help them promote their agenda. I believe it is our time to step up to the plate to help out people who are willing to take on the establishment in Washington and make changes that we need. . . even if it is NOT what we want because it will be very painful. Pass along this page and tell others what you think about our situation and what you believe needs to be done to get America back on track. Thank you for your efforts.

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