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by Slade Posted April 30, 2011 (1 hour ago)

Recovery?… What recovery?

29% of Americans believe the US economy is in a depression.

IB Times reported:

Are the American people losing faith in the U.S. economy?
The statistics that you are about to read might surprise you. Not
everyone believes that the U.S. economy is dying (there are still
millions out there that will swallow anything that the mainstream media
tells them), but the reality is that there is a growing chunk of the
population that has completely lost faith in our leaders and in our
economic system. A brand new Gallup poll
has found that the number of Americans that believe that we are in a
“depression” is actually larger than the number of Americans that
believe that the economy is “growing”.

That is absolutely shocking because according to official government
figures, the U.S. economy is growing right now and virtually nobody in
the mainstream media or the government has used the term “depression” to
describe the economic downturn that we went through recently. In fact,
according to Gallup a total of 55% of the American people believe that
we are either in a recession or a depression right now. This is clear
evidence that the American people are losing faith in U.S. government
economic statistics and instead they are basing their opinions on what
they see in their own communities.

Top Opinion
  • miller51550 29 minutes ago

    Stop and think..

    It is only 29 percent..

    54 % of legal immigrants are on the dole.

    45% of American PAY NO INCOME TAXES.

    ACTUAL REAL unemployment is at about 20 %. (That takes into account all those working part-time that need full-time work, those that are under employed,those that just can not find a job,

    Approximately 42 percent of the population are receiving some type of government hand out.

    The CPI DOES NOT include food and fuel as part of their numbers.

    The final shoe is about to hit the floor.

    All this takes place on OBAMA’S watch and as usual he is blaming the GOP, the World, God and the Devil at the same time.

    Here is hoping that those that voted for this scumbag and gave him POWER to only serv Muslims, Blacks and Hispanics..

    Are eating beans and rice at Christmas…because they can not afford anything else.

    But then I forget ONLY THE RICH LIBERALS will be eating high on the Hog, because they are Obama Lemmings.

  • 29% believe we are in a depression, the other 71% are out of work and on food stamps.

    Share the wealth meant ship money , industry and technology to bass ackwards countries so we can sink to their level and be more even and fair.

    Congratulations to the Progressives, this is the change you hoped for.
    The socialists have driven us into the ditch and spun the wheels to the axle.

  • As with most other issues, I absolutely discount what the media spews.
    I see all the foreclosures, repossed cars and unemployement and its obvious its more than some recession.
    The left can only blame Bush, but what Frank and Dodd did to the housing market is criminal and the root cause of this.
    And with obamas contempt for American exeptionalism and capitalism, nothing will improve much anytime soon.
    As long as the lefties have a prominent voice in matters, a full recovery is impossible.
  • Everytime I see obama on tv or the news – It makes me want to puke…
  • It’s about time the sheeple wake up to what it really is. It’s all common sense which America is sorely lacking. Now maybe it’s time the rest rest awake from their slumber!
  • Slade DeeB 4 minutes ago
    For the sheeple to wake up to reality would require critical thinking skills, for them it is much easier to run around calling people racists and hateful. It’s not like they can defend Barry based on his accomplishments. It’s all they have left.
  • Some 57 percent of registered voters said they disapproved of 0bama’s economic management, while only 40 percent approved. That’s the lowest score of his presidency.

    What do they expect? Every single scrap of employment and economic data released since Obama took office has been revised mere days later – usually downward. Meanwhile, gas it headed for twice what it was a mere few months ago, heating oil has followed suit, rather than drilling for our own resources 0bama’s EPA is regulating them out of existence and prices at the grocery store are going through the roof. Even Wal-Mart is upset!

    Of COURSE we aren’t having an economic “recovery.” Any increase in spending can be chalked up to higher gas, higher food prices and higher costs for all of the other necessities of daily life. That is NOT a recovery!

  • Personally, I think this a is their way of trying to make us have an uprising like they have in all the other countries. It’s all part of the plan. Then we are brought into the NWO.
  • jakep51 26 minutes ago
    100% of the people should KNOW this is the case.


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