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I can’t help but say that the TEA Party is made up of very smart people, particularly Michelle Bachmann. She says that we will not default on our loans if we refuse to raise the debt ceiling. She also says that, if we do raise the debt ceiling, nothing in Washington will change.

I don’t know about you, but I do know Michelle Bachmann is a tax lawyer and seems to know what she is talking about on the debt problem. She also has a lot of nerve to step out from the crowd and say something so unpopular as NOT RAISING THE DEBT CEILING when everyone else wants to because they believe it’s the only thing to do.


Bachmann worries about ability to block debt ceiling increase

The Hill (blog) – Jordan Fabian – 6 days ago

Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.) — a leading opponent of raising the nation’s debt ceiling — on Thursday acknowledged that a bloc of congressional conservatives …

Why Republicans Are Playing Politics With the Debt Ceiling‎ – U.S. News & World Report (blog)
Bachmann draws near to White House decision‎ – Los Angeles Times

Fox News

Debt limit standoff: 10 things to watch

‎The Hill – Bob Cusack – 1 day ago

Raising the debt ceiling is never popular, and it’s a good bet that most of the Michele Bachmann(R-Minn.) and Ron Paul (R-Texas), who are both eyeing 


Rehberg won’t back raising debt ceiling without concessions

Billings Gazette – 2 days ago  The debt ceiling poses the next big financial showdown for the Michele Bachmann has said that not raisingthe ceiling could cause an immediate spending…


Poll: Most Americans oppose raising debt limit

CBS News – Brian Montopoli – Apr 21, 2011‎

J.P. Morgan finds economic damage from debt ceiling delay

The Hill (blog) – Erik Wasson – Apr 21, 2011

Michelle Bachmann (R-Minn.) and Cato scholar Jagadeesh Gokhale have argued  They also state that delaying a raising of the debt ceiling “is likely to 

CBS News

What Should Be Sacrificed In Order To Raise The Debt Ceiling

Daily News Pulse – Kyle Young – 9 hours ago

Offering to raise the debt ceiling in exchange for a promise to get our financial house in order in the future would be a mistake. 

How We’ll Deal With the Debt Ceiling‎ – The Atlantic

US Debt Limit 101‎ – Center For American Progress


Treasury plans for failure to raise debt ceiling‎ – CBS News

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Rob Long: Don’t Raise the Debt Ceiling

Benzinga – 8 hours ago

Interest payments on the nation’s debt are estimated to be $205 billion this  intact as Congress moves toward the debate on raising the debt ceiling

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The Morning Plum‎ – Washington Post (blog)
Repuglican ‘Not Spooked’ By Medicare Vote‎ – ABC News (blog)
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Obama tries to win business leaders’ support for increase in debt


The Cypress TimesPlain Dealer (blog)

– 19 hours ago

A failure to raise the debt ceiling does not mean that the United States can no  Offering to raise the debt ceiling in exchange for a promise to get our 

Raise the debt ceiling; put Uncle Sam on a diet‎ – Washington Times
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Selling the debt limit vote

Politico – Manu Raju – 4 hours ago

spending as part of a deal to raise the $14.3 trillion debt ceiling to increase the debt limit — are starting to buck White House officials who are…


Tea Party Trio Holds Firm on Debt Limit Hike – Martin Gould – 7 hours ago

Congress has to vote next month on whether to raise the debt limit from its current $14.3 trillionceiling. Supporters say that without making the decision 

Tea Party groups up pressure on debt limit‎ – The Hill (blog)
Tea Party Express to John Boehner: Not Just NO, but HELL NO!‎ – Canada Free Press
Merli: It’s no time for histrionics over debt‎ – Inside NoVA
Washington Post (blog) – (subscription)


Reid: No Lines In The Sand From Democrats On Increasing DebtLimit


TPMDC – Brian Beutler – 1 day ago    That suggests Dems have given up on the idea that they can force Republicans to raise the debt limit without attached measures aimed at reducing deficits, 

House Republicans Lining Up Sweeping Cuts for Debt Limit Vote‎ – Huffington Post
House Democratic Group Leaders Indicate Willingness To Deal On ‎ – NASDAQ
Wall Street Journal – Politico

What Happens to Your TSP Funds If the Debt Limit is Not Raised? – Ralph Smith – 12 hours ago

With America’s crushing debt being the subject of continuing debate in Congress, the next step in the political process will be the question of raising the….

I don’t know if she is right or not, but I do know that when we were in over our heads and couldn’t pay our bills, instead of refinancing and increasing our debt, my dad told me to hunker down and make the payments instead. He was right and it wasn’t long before we were able to pay off the debt. I suspect this same scenario could be the same cure for our financial situation. What do you think?


brtndr from

April 28, 2011

PSYCHE!!! Made all you, Tea Party Supporters and Tea Party haters LOOK.

Actually, I just used that term to get both of you to watch and listen to the video below. Paul O’Neil, the former Treasury Secretary in the Bush administration, accuses predominately “conservative” American citizens, who are against raising the debt ceiling with being Al Qaeda terrorist on Bloomberg TV yesterday,

The People who are threatening not to pass the debt ceiling are our version of Al Qaeda terrorists, Really, They’re really putting our whole society at risk by threatening to round up 50 percent of the members of congress, who are loony, who would put are credit at risk “~Paul O’Neil~

Is there anyone left in America that the government doesn’t consider to be a “Terrorists?”

Hopefully, Obama won’t do what the Bush administration did to suspected terrorists, and start “rounding up” Tea Party members, then shipping them off to Guantanamo Bay to later be Water Bordered for years, until they confess to blowing-up the Twin Towers on 9/11/01.

Wait, OH, that’s right……The Obama administration is already torturing Americans, and treating them as TERRORIST suspects, like “Private First Class Bradley Manning” for allegedly downloading and sharing computer files of more than 250,000 confidential state department records. Even though, there is no way that one lowly Private could get access to all those government records.

But, HEY, that doesn’t matter, someone has to be tortured, and made an example of to prevent future whistle blowers from leaking classified government documents, and informing the public about what their elected representatives are actually doing.

After all, where do you think you live Mr. and Mrs. American citizen, in a free and open representative Republic?

HAH, you’ve been watching too many Jimmy Stewart movies lately. Now, SHUT-UP and go buy a plane ticket at the airport, so the government can radiate you with a Full Naked Body Scanner, and then MOLEST you using one of its tax-payer funded TSA GOONS.

And, if you’re a Tea Party, anti-war, military veteran, conservative, Ron Paul supporter, Constitutionalists, Gun owner, Christian, End the Federal Reserve supporter, Oath Keeper, TSA criticizer..ect…ect, then don’t even bother with being radiated and molested at the airport, because you’re probably already on a secret government terrorist watch list, and won’t be able to fly or buy a gun.




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