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Mike Evans

President Obama and the Myth of the
Moderate Taliban
Dear Judith,

President Obama has stepped up his secret talks with the Taliban. He believes that the moderate members can be utilized to broker an end to the Afghan war.

In March 2009, an Afghanistan security conference was held in The Hague, Holland. At the conference, I was the first to confront Secretary of State Hillary Clinton regarding her statements about the “moderate” Taliban. I asked Secretary Clinton, “What is your basis for believing there is a moderate Taliban?” All of the Taliban support Shari’a law where women are forced to wear a burqa when in public, and are not allowed to work or be educated after the age of eight. They face public floggings and executions for violations of Taliban laws.

Rather than respond to my question, Ms. Clinton turned her head in the opposite direction and asked for the next question. After the press conference, ministers of the Afghan government invited me to join them for a private dinner. They told me softly, “You are absolutely correct. There is no moderate Taliban.”


The Taliban was overthrown by Operation Enduring Freedom after the September 11 attack. Most fled to neighboring Pakistan where they regrouped as an insurgent movement to fight the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan. The group became a safe harbor for Osama bin Laden. According to a report to the UN, the Taliban was responsible for more than 75 percent of all civilian casualties in 2010.

As a show of good faith, the Obama administration is working on a request to open a Taliban political office most likely in one of the Gulf States. With such an office, there could be direct talks between the group and the Afghan government. If the plan goes well, it could lead to an office in Afghanistan for the fanatical group.

In recent months, the U.S. government has quietly dropped its preconditions that the Taliban sever links with al Qaeda and accept the Afghan constitution before holding face-to-face talks. Instead, the U.S. has said that those conditions must be met at the end of the talks.

The first target date is a presidential speech in July to mark the planned first withdrawal of U.S. troops from Afghanistan. It is likely that President Obama will sketch out his new strategy, including his first public admission that his administration is talking to the Taliban. The next date is in December when a conference in Germany marks the meetings ten years ago that created the post-Taliban government in Kabul.

Most of the top generals, including General Petraeus, believe all NATO forces in Afghanistan will be replaced over the next nine months. The Obama administration wants to shift from military to political strategy. The endgame has begun in Afghanistan. The legitimization of the Taliban will open Pandora’s Box for democracy-loving Afghans, and especially the women. The Taliban in Pakistan would then be emboldened to ultimately take control of that nuclear-armed country in the same way they will regain control of Afghanistan. It appears that in the end, Obama will cut a don’t ask, don’t tell deal with Shi’a Iran to partner with the U.S. so it can leave Afghanistan.

Stabilizing the Shi’a population in the country is critical to an exit strategy and is a calculated move in exchange for Iran going nuclear. The Obama plan commits the United States to a Jimmy Carter-style slippery slope paramount to dancing with an Islamic gorilla. The dance will not be over until the gorilla—the Taliban—says it’s over. The hatred of the Islamists for America…and Israel…drives everything they do, and no concessions will ever change that.


Tamar Fogel, a precious 12-year-old child, lost her mother and father, Ehud and Ruth, and three siblings, Yoad, Eldad, and Hadas, in a vicious terror attack just a few weeks ago. The children, ages 11, 4, and three months, were stabbed and had their throats cut as they slept. The Palestinian perpetrators of this horrific mass murder have just been captured by Israeli authorities.

Over the years, we have helped so many precious children—children who have lost a mom or dad, or both parents, children whose siblings have been murdered, children whose bodies are filled with shrapnel, unable to use an arm or leg because they were in the midst of a terror attack. We have helped one precious young lady who, along with her brother and sister, was targeted in a school bus attack. She lost both legs. The Jerusalem Prayer Team bought her a motorized wheelchair so she could go to school.

I am going to Israel in a few weeks, and I would like to take your gift with me to bring help and comfort to the survivors of the terrorists attacks that strike Israel almost every day. Before I can say yes to this urgent appeal to help Tamar Fogel and other victims of terrorists attacks, I have to ask if you will say yes. We pray that 2,500 caring Jerusalem Prayer Team members will give a generous gift so that we can continue to bless those in need. I have four beautiful children and seven precious grandchildren. They have never known the meaning of terror.

Jesus appeals to us in the Scriptures to “bless the little children.”

But Jesus said, “Let the little children come to Me, and do not forbid them; for of such is the kingdom of heaven.” (Matthew 19:14, NKJV)

Would you please vote yes today with your gift if you want us to help these precious children who have lost so much?


Your support of the Jerusalem Prayer Team makes it possible for us to meet urgent humanitarian needs of people in Israel.

Your ambassador to Jerusalem,

Dr. Michael Evans

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