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The President’s plan to transform America into a “Nanny State” ┬ábegins with food stamps and medical care (i.e., ObamaCare). The whole Congressional body seems to be bent on that happening or they would have passed a budget that de-funded the ObamaCare program and Planned Parenthood.

It’s not enough that some Congressional Members understand the problem we face as a nation if ObamaCare is implemented, they have to be committed to preventing it from becoming a ball and chain around our necks for generations to come. Somehow, Americans need to get that message through to Congress.

Even if we don’t have ObamaCare rationing, we will have hospital and doctor rationing care out of necessity from rising costs of law suits and medical care. I’ve already discovered that reality with my own visits to doctors and hospitals.

It’s true that some of the problem rests with the cost of insurance but really, it’s also part of the cost of doing business in America today. It is also partly due to our own expectations and lack of taking proper care of ourselves before we become sick and need care. Perhaps, if we are more committed to being responsible for our own health, we will not need to put such great demands on treating illness as part of our health care expenses.

My brother told me he heard that people are sent out to knock on doors of homes with prospective Food Stamps and Medicare users.

  • I couldn’t find the story, but if true, what does that say about this government?
  • Does it say that Liberals are serious about making the United States a nation dependent on government subsidies and handouts?
  • Does it show that the level of acceptance of government programs have increased among Americans?
  • Does it show that the nation’s poor have increased to the point of needing assistance because government, churches, and communities have fallen down on their commitments to it’s members?
  • Or have the rich supposedly become richer at the expense of the poor and have caused a chasm that can no longer be bridged by personal ethics and hard work?

I am interested in your thoughts on this topic? Agree with me or not, it doesn’t matter! Just please, will you take a moment to consider your own responsibility in personal health care? Then will you consider what responsibility government, doctors, hospitals, and insurance companies have in your health after you’ve done your part? I would appreciate hearing your thoughts on these points.

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