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Why did no one know it was coming? Someone did…
Dear Judith,

An Islamic Revolution is sweeping the Middle East today. It has already overthrown the governments of Tunisia and Egypt. Open warfare has broken out in Libya, and the revolt is spreading like wildfire, threatening to topple the leaders of Syria, Jordan, and Bahrain as well.

Why did no one know that this was coming and speak out? Someone did …

In 2007 I wrote The Final Move Beyond Iraq because I believed even then that an Islamic revolution would sweep the Middle East using “democracy” as a tool to game the system. Let me share a quote from the back cover of that book published four years ago:

“An Islamic revolution is spreading and is on the brink of becoming America’s greatest threat since the Civil War.”


I am asking you to join with me in making a special donation to bless the poor Jews in Israel during Passover week. This special time of year should be a time of celebration, gladness and blessing, but for those without enough food to eat, it is a time of sadness instead. Many friends have already given to help provide food during this special holiday, but there is still so much more that needs to be done.

Your support of the Jerusalem Prayer Team also makes it possible for us to continue to meet the urgent humanitarian needs of the Chosen People, to speak out on behalf of Israel, and to encourage believers around the world to pray for the peace of Jerusalem and the protection of Israel. Thank you for being part of the team.

Your Ambassador to Jerusalem,

Dr. Michael Evans

On July 13, 2007, Dr. Evans appeared on MSNBC debating with Arianna Huffington and Pat Buchannan while discussing his book, The Final Move Beyond Iraq. The discussion can be viewed HERE.

He also appeared on MSNBC debating Tucker Carlson on how democracy would be used to birth a Islamic revolution. That video can be viewed HERE.

The Jerusalem Prayer Team is a non-profit, non-denominational, 501c3 organization dedicated to developing a prayer movement of people around the world. It receives no support from the Nation of Israel. Donations are tax deductible. The mission of the Jerusalem Prayer Team: To guard, defend and protect the Jewish people and Eretz Yisrael until Israel is secure, and until the Redeemer comes to Zion. Dr. Tim LaHaye, Mr. Pat Boone, Mr. Bill McCartney, Rev. Tommy Tenney, Dr. A.R. Bernard, and Dr. Jay Sekulow are just a few of the more than 300 Christian Leaders who are part of the Jerusalem Prayer Team.

In the event that all the required funds are received for a specific project, the Board of Directors reserves the right to use any additional funds received for other projects or outreaches of The Jerusalem Prayer Team.

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