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The Flag is at 1/2 Mast to Represent Our Troubled Nation

It’s interesting the information you look for on this website and what topics you search for as well. It means you are trying to become informed and to know what your future holds.

According to the chart below, you seem to have the most interest on where Bahrain is and the stability of the dollar and the economy.

You should be very concerned about events going on around the globe and about what is happening to the value of the dollar. If you are not concerned, why? These situations are the signs of our times! Ignoring these events and our condition as a nation will not change what is to be or what is on the horizon for America.

The dollar is at risk of collapse and will likely do so soon. The economy is in trouble too, as it has been designed to be by liberals in government.

  • You can’t replace the currency system until the economy goes belly up and the dollar collapses.
  • Neither can you replace the Constitution as structured by the Founding Fathers until you collapse what exists.
  • George Soros made it clear that collapsing the United States is his goal, as he has done to three other nations.
  • In order to replace Freedom and our form of government, to make it become  more like Communism and conform to One World Order, everything we know now must fail.
  • When we have nothing–meaning no food or income and no more of life as we know it–we will be forced to accept what we would never have accepted before in order to survive.

The videos and charts below tell the story about what you likely already know but unfortunately. Unfortunately, you are not equipped to do much about changing the situation.

As an individual, we know there is little we can do. However, we know that, together, we can accomplish great things. So we have to open up our mouths and educate everyone we see and know. We must try to reach them through every means possible and tell them what we know.

It is terrible to think that our own government is working against us and that it would actually steal our freedom from us! Yet, we also know that most of what we know is true. So, as we talk with our friends and associations, we MUST avoid accusations and comments that will create conflict–this is never a good thing and is a tool of the devil.

Please don’t argue with people or be pulled into a debate. Debates are designed to have a winner and a loser, not a sensible conversation, and used to put people against each other. This is not a good environment from reaching a common understanding. It is meant to win and is divisive.

Just ask people to have an open mind about what you are telling them, and ask them to at least consider what you have learned. Ask them to listen to you because you value their opinions and you need their support. Explain that you are committed to protecting our nation from the enemy within. You feel strongly about this because you believe really bad times are in front of us and you need their help.

After you have done what you can to educate yourselves and inform others, get you financial and spiritual houses in order; time is very short. We would have to be BLIND not to see the “handwriting on the wall” and to know that prophecy is being fulfilled.

Prepare yourselves, the family, and those you love to deal with our future is my earnest message to you now.

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Top April 11, 2011 Topics of Interests

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April 11, 2011 09:46:29 where is bahrain

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