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Have We Forgotten The Price That Paid for Freedoms We Take For Granted Today?

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Although the above video is fiction, the factors that lead to this scenario are not fiction.

What more information do we need to see that calamity staring us in the face? I don’t believe that all of the events spoken of in the video will take place as late as 2012. I suspect it is really just around the corner. Proof is in the actions taken by Obama, Congress, and other government leaders.

The time is short and the end of America as we know it will come. How much more proof do we need?

  • The time is ripe for America’s demise
  • Our own personal suffering will begin to intensify more than we can imagine–will even be world wide!
  • No government subsidies and money from the rich will save us!
  • You think times are hard now, that the rich are the reason the poor are poor, that the rich are receiving favored tax deduction and are the reason the poor are suffering, you had better think again!
    • Money collected from the rich pay for all the subsidies we get–and you would know that if you were educated on economics!
    • You would not believe all the lies coming from the people who want to destroy us.
    • Free-loaders who won’t work or have no idea how to be self-sufficient or self-reliant will become such a burden to our society that not even the rich can save us from our demise.
    • Men and women were destined to work for their food and supplies the moment they were booted out of the Garden of Eden. We are to toil for our own food and to satisfied our needs and wants.
    • Man was meant to rely on each other when down but not to be taken care of when they are physically and mentally able to do so for themselves.
  • Don’t you see the screwed up society that we have created for ourselves because we don’t understand or follow the basic principles of self-reliance?
  • It’s time to wake up our Congressmen and women and tell them it’s time to stop making people dependent on government!
  • It is also time to tell our free-loaders to toil for their own food and what they need or want.
  • Tell our churches and communities that they are to watch over their communities and help them where needed.
  • Society and communities need to teach people how to live within the guidelines of a successful and fruitful society.

Don’t you agree that, if you had a free-loader living in your home, who is using up all your resources and giving nothing back in return, you would toss him/her out? Wouldn’t you tell them to take care of themselves for a change? Wouldn’t you say that you have helped them as far as you can and now they have to take care of themselves?

Of course you would tell your free-loading loved ones these things, and you would do it with love for them and out of necessity.

The plan is to make us all dependent on Government. This is exactly the CHANGE Liberals want to bring about, and this is exactly what Obama was talking about in his 2008 campaign and continues in 2012 (if we even still hold elections then). Their idea of change means:

  • No more independence.
  • No more rewards for personal performance.
  • No changing your stars unless you can get on the government’s list of the favored few.
  • No more free-agency to choose what you will become and what you will do.
  • No more chasing after dreams and seeing them come true!
  • Government will own everything and you will get only what government thinks you should own.

This future is not far from reality if President Obama and his cohorts get what they want. Theirs is a strong and evil force working against our freedom and rights to be independent of government. Our Founding Fathers left England and established a land and government that was independent of England’s elitist rule.

We are about to throw out with the trash all that we have attained by our Founder’s efforts in order to achieve the lie we are being feed by the Liberal Media, Liberal Politicians, and some so-called GOOD Republicans. They think they know better than we do, but tell them they are wrong!

It’s no wonder politicians are not tuned in to the people when we consider that they receive benefits we will never get now or in the future. They’ve made sure they are taken care of for life, at the cost of those who pay more than their fair share of taxes.

We must stop Washington and State Officials from taking away what we have enjoyed for centuries. However, if we refuse to believe that what is happening to America is bad for us as a nation, and if we refuse to accept the truth that is staring us in the face, then we are doomed as a nation! And that’s a fact!

Stand Up Patriots and open your mouth. Tell people what you know.

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