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I was just reading this report and thought to myself, “How can civilized people actually defend this type of behavior? I don’t care if you are a liberal, a conservative, a union worker or not, what type of person can actually defend these types of barbaric actions?

Union Animals Storm Bank, Demanding CEO

For the life of me, I still don’t get why so many unions don’t realize that acting like untamed beasts in public hurts their cause for amassing widespread support for their agenda. In Wisconsin, for instance, not only did we see union supporters marching around the state capitol as a herd of cows, but they were harassing state senators at their offices and homes as well. There were also the death threats.

People wonder why cities and states want to do away with unions and have more control of their budgets, especially if they are broke and cannot mitigate the situation, when all they need to do is look at all the viterol the union is inflecting on those they disagree with. We are talking about the recent DEATH THREATS toward Senators (stating they and their family will have their throats slit if they don’t give them what they want and that this is their last warning). These are very serious threats that the police take seriously.

I do not understand the thought process of people who actually support this type of behavior. It’s no different than a mob, and yet the unions want us to respect them and support their efforts? No way will I agree that this type of behavior is acceptable. Picketing and protesting, “yes”…it’s red-blooded American. But when it turns to violence and death threats, that has never been and never will be a red-blooded America practice that is considered acceptable.

What would be said if conservatives or TEA Party members did the smallest degree of violence, vandalism, and death threats as the left progressive union protesters have done? How do you think the press would spin the story then? Surely, some one would be in prison if it were TEA Party Protesters such things and you know it! Yet, unions make it a career to spin things and to make it look like something else that people will accept as being right for a cause.

Now I read a story that comes from northeast Pennsylvania. Hordes of Service Employees International Union (SEIU) fanatics stormed a bank demanding to speak to its CEO. When the request was rebuffed, the hooligans erupted into the mindless chants of “Respect our vote” and “We’ll be back.” Read more…

I just don’t understand how people actually accept this and support it without any one standing up “saying stop; it”. Is this the America that you want to live in and have your children grow up in? What will they learn from you and what they see on the TV screens? What are you teaching our next generation?

I will say this just once. “If you believe that the tactics used by unions today are acceptable and necessary, then all I have to say about it is that I am ashamed of you and ashamed of being a working American. I know about unions, I have been a member of unions so I am not unsympathetic. I just don’t approve of the behavior.

When my union at Anchor Hocking Glass Manufacturing Company tried to make me participate in violence on a strike line, I TOLD THEM “NO”! I SAID THAT I DIDN’T CARE WHAT THEY DID TO ME BUT I WOULD NOT PARTICIPATE IN SUCH VIOLENT ACTIONS. They told me their would sanction me but never did. You can say “NO” to their tactics. If you have to take a sanction, then take it. Don’t participate in something you know is wrong. If they come after you, then press charges against them.

This is no longer about right to work, right to have unions support our interests, or right to get the best wages. It isn’t even about whether a governor is trying to bust unions. What it’s about is right and wrong. It’s about respect and doing what is right. It’s about not following the mob mentality and governing your own actions.

It is just plain thuggery: Death Threats Are Acceptable? And what if people die, will that matter to you?

Story Updated: Mar 18, 2011

Below, you’ll find a compilation of 20 days worth of the death threats, vandalism, and intimidation practiced by pro-union thugs opposed to Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker’s budget repair bill.

My original intent was to compile all of this earlier in the week, but after reading Lee Stranahan’s superb editorial I decided to wait and see if that might have some effect on the national and local Wisconsin media in moving them towards giving the ongoing violence, intimidation, vandalism, and overall thuggery occurring at the hands of union activists and their supporters, the coverage it needs and deserves.

Actual note slid under office door of a Wisconsin legislator

Not only should the local and national media be amplifying their coverage of this ongoing scandal because of the bar they themselves set with the Tea Party for what rises to the level of of racism, “predominantly white” protesters and troubling behavior — but in the wake of the tragic shootings in Tuscon you would think direct threats on elected officials would rate a little outrage. Well, obviously not when those threats come from the Left.

Politics aside, what’s happening in Wisconsin is downright frightening because, as you’ll see below, these incidents are growing in number and intensity. Furthermore, other than the Right, no one is calling for calm or civility. The local media is, at best, wrist-flicking these incidents, Democratic legislators have not called for calm, President Obama is AWOL, and worst of all, Public Union employees not involved in the thuggish behavior taking place in their name, have been complicit with their silence.

This is more than a disgrace, it’s dangerous. Conservative radio talk show hosts and Governor Walker can talk all they want, but I fear that until the media starts a campaign of shame by focusing on these incidents, and responsible pro-union types begin to police their own side, someone is eventually going to get hurt.

What you’re going to read below is a startling compilation of what can only be described as thuggery. These examples are occurrences that have taken place only since the beginning of the month and do not include the equally disturbing incidents we’re hearing about outside of Wisconsin. Keep in mind, it’s more likely than not that I missed a few things.

My thanks to Twitter pal Danny From WI, Amy at Modern Commentaries, Ann Althouse (the victim of an awful threat — see below), Gateway Pundit, and my fellow Big Editors for all the links. And a special thanks to Charlie Sykes of WTMJ and Mark Belling of WISN, two invaluable Milwaukee radio talk show hosts who have covered this story brilliantly and exhaustively.

You will have to use the above link to read all the comment and follow-up of protests. You can’t tell me that these illegal activities are okay with you, because they aren’t okay to me or to most civilized people.

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