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Let me introduce you to a group that I can only praise for their good work. Please use the links below to learn more about them and to join in our conversations.

PBN now has Polling – Answer our first two!……

Who is the network and what do they do?

Need to contact us regarding the group,the website or the net radio program… Call us: 305-814-PUSH 305-814-7874 Join us on

Live Online Chat and Discussion M-F 9:00 PM EST

12/01/2010 Audio and Links

Help Wanted Off-Site Contributors

Please continue to use and share any AV from

We are archivers!
If you don’t have a video, please ask, we may have it and it might not be online.
If you need a video edited or a voice over, please ask, we’ll try to help you quickly!

The purpose of this group and the associated websites and synergistic efforts with the TEA party Groups and others is to aggregate information and post contact info along with suggested ideas for initial and follow-up pushback.

Let’s keep in mind that even though we as individuals sometimes may wonder, what is my single contact to my rep really going to offer. They count these contacts as a thousand voices, the few who are willing to take the time to represent and be considered and heard by our leadership (and I use the term loosely) are (to them) a fraction of the people who feel the same way.

This is not just for US policy and lawmakers
it is also directed at:

Companies/ Unions
Individuals/ Celebrities
Countries/ Commonwealths

They need to hear from us too… This is not about being negative, there are going to be times when we will have plenty of praise for others. If ‘these others’ don’t have our best interest, deeply embedded in their mind, will and emotions. Then they need to know we are aware of it straight from us. It has become obvious that our ‘leadership’ isn’t listening.

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