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I read a report today that Hamas rockets attacked Israel but most every one didn’t know it because of all the events in the news right now. I quote a few paragraphs from the report so you will have to use this link to finish reading the report. by Jim Kouri  Sunday, March 20, 2011

With all eyes on the events unfolding in Japan, with Japanese triple-disaster, and the battle against the regime of Libya’s dictator Moamar Khadhafi, a massive rocket attack on Israel practically went practically unnoticed this weekend.

Members of the terrorist group Hamas launched attacks against Israel from their base in Gaza during this weekend’s Sabbath. The Israeli intelligence service says they have proof that the Iranian government is instigating these latest attacks by providing the rockets and mortars.

Terrorists launched more than 50 rockets which landed in southern Israel this Saturday morning with the aim of causing maximum—and indiscriminate—death and destruction, according to Israeli government officials.

This was the heaviest barrage in two years, Israeli officials said, while Hamas police beat up and confiscated equipment from reporters covering the attack.

This massive assault comes just days after Israel seized a cargo ship, Victoria, carrying rockets and other lethal weapons from Iran and Syria that were headed for delivery to Hamas in Gaza.

According to information sent by the Israel Defense Force to the Public Safety Examiner and the Terrorism Committee of the National Association of Chiefs of Police, over the past week, more than 60 rockets were fired at Israel from the Gaza Strip. These attacks include:

You will have to go to the article to see the rest of the article.

With all of the activities going on around the globe, war everywhere, natural disasters in the ring of fire, and our own democracy at risk of being lost, one may wonder if this is the beginning of the “End of Times.” My understanding is that the battle of Armageddon is supposed to begin in Jerusalem and the Gaza Strip. If true, perhaps this bombing is enough to bring the nations together in war.

Libya is where many of the forces are right now that’s being called World War III, but I suspect this is not the one spoken of in the scriptures. I think it’s close at hand though. We have plenty of activity going on over there so it seems to be heating up in that area of the world. It can’t be that much further away from the whole thing boiling over.

I suppose time will tell, but if you know the scriptures and know what is to come, you may be wise to get hour house in order spiritually, mentally, and physically. Are you prepared? On what area(s) do you need to focus?

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