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Newsmax.com just posted email with some interesting stories. If you already get Newsmax.com emails, you may already have this but if not, I hope you will read them–especially Dick Morris’s on Prepare for the Obama Financial Meltdown.

Perhaps you remember all the emails before Obama’s election that foretold of a financial crisis when he put his policies into action. Unfortunately, not all of it is his fault but a good majority of it is from his Socialist policy. ¬†Guess time will tell the full story, won’t it?

Breaking News from Newsmax.com

Steve Forbes Blasts Obama’s ‘Anti-Energy Policies’

Warning: Dick Morris: Prepare for the Obama Financial Meltdown

Sen. Conrad: U.S. Should Arm Libyan Rebels

Money: Roubini Sees $100 Billion in Muni Bond Defaults

Gov. Christie: I Could Win in 2012, but I’m Not Ready

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