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Let me share part of the email I received today from Freedom Works. I hope you can help them fight this

problem we have with SEIU waging attacks on good and honest people, especially FreedomWorks.

Please Help Them Fight Back Now! Below is a picture of the union descending on  FreedomWorks. I hope you’ve been following my recent posts on the Unions and how I believe they abuse their power.

FreedomWorks reports that, “A veritable who’s who of public and private sector unions including AFSCME, NEA, SEIU, AFT, ATU, and the Teamsters descended on the FreedomWorks office building today to block state reforms aimed to curb their exhorbitant union power in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Indiana, Tennessee and Ohio.”

Interested only in perpetuating reckless spending and bloated state budgets, these unions are determined to protect their cozy relationship with big government while leaving the taxpayers to foot the bill. States facing billions of dollars in debt cannot afford union payoffs any more.

Faced with billions of dollars in debt, responsible Governors and state legislators are taking a stand against public sector unions. We need YOUR help now to support our effort to save our states.

Want to help make YOUR voice heard? Here are some other ways you can impact each of these legislative battles to “Save Our States”:

In Ohio, Governor Bob Kasich has introduced SB5 to start merit-based pay, stop automatic pay increases and for state and local employees. Send your letter of support NOW!

In Indiana, Governor Mitch Daniels is focusing on SB575, a bill to end collective bargaining for public school teachers’ unions. Send your letter of support NOW!

In Wisconsin, Governor Scott Walker is trying to pass his Budget Repair bill which asks public employees to pay modestl y into their health and retirement benefits while ending collective bargaining. Send your letter of support NOW!

In Tennessee, Senator Jack Johnson and Rep. Debra Young Maggart of Tennessee have introduced corresponding pieces of legislation to prevent collective bargaining between teachers’ unions and local school boards. Send your letter of support NOW!

In Pennsylvania, Sen. Piccola and Sen. Williams are pushing for SB1, the Opportunity Scholarship and Educational Improvement Tax Credit Act, to allow parents to take their children out of failing schools and enroll them in another public, charter or private schools. This bill will vastly reduce the monopoly power of the teachers’ unions in Pennsylvania. Send your letter of support NOW!

Pushing for reform of compensation and benefits while ending collective bargaining are all vital ways we can rein in state and local employees from continuing to outpace the private sector while paying little or nothing into their own benefit packages.

Thank you for your hardwork and finacial support which allows us to continue fighting for lower taxes, less government and more freedom!

For Freedom,

Armey Signature
Dick Armey
Chairman, FreedomWorks

Please, I ask you to consider giving a donation to help these people  fight back against the unions!

You Can Contact FreedomWorks Yourself at

400 North Capitol Street, NW
Suite 765
Washington,DC 20001
Telephone: 1.888.564.6273


Judith Sherman
Editor of CanWeBelieveIt.Info

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  1. dmholstein says:

    When you so arrogantly say help us fight against the unions, what you are really saying is teachers firefighters, police and other public workers don’t deserve the pay and benefits that tax payers promised them, these workers did not cause the problems in our economy yet they are being asked to pay up and shut up while the fat cats that did cause the economic problems in this country (ie wall street and greedy lobbists and bankers) are funding this witch hunt against middle class workers if the rest of the middle class thinks that you are not on the hit list too think again.

    • I appreciate your point of view. I don’t disagree with what you said but my problem is with the organization itself. I have been upset with their tactics ever since I was pulled into it by being expected to throw stuff at my own car and at my own husband. When they go to managers homes (who have nothing to do with their fight) and vandalize them and when I have a husband so freaked out by their tactics that he sits up with a shot gun then there is something wrong with the system above. My beef IS NOT with the individuals who have rights, it’s with the UNION Leadership themselves. I also have a problem with the amount of money they take from the workers and give little in return. I saw the worst in the union when I was working at the glass factory and so I am NOT a big fan of them any more. I have a lot of things to gripe about with their scumbag tactics but not with the working people. I understand their complaints because I was one of them but I cannot and will not ever support an organized union again.

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